Mission Statement

The San José High Bulldog Foundation's objectives are "to provide funds and support for charitable purposes related to San José High and its students and staff in order to meet a wide variety of specific educational and school related needs not funded by other sources to ensure the success and celebrate the achievements of San José High students."


Next meeting
August 4, Tuesday, 6 p.m.

ZOOM meeting

*If you are interested in participating in the meeting, contact Anjali Mehta, ajmehta64@hotmail.com,
to receive the link.

2019-2020 Bulldog Foundation Board Members
President, open
Vice President, open
Secretary, open
Anjali Metha, Treasurer, parent

Board members: 
Franceen Anderson, parent
Rick Aning, Class of 1983
Helen Garza, Class of 1956; 
Lynda Martinez, Class of 1963; 
Barbara Peddy, Heritage Room Curator, Class of 1956