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2012-5 May

I.    Treasurer's report (Danny Garza)

April 4:            Foundation: Beginning balance=$10,040.36
                        IB Account: Beginning balance=6,000.00
March 29:        Incorrect amount entered for foundation=$10,403.36
April 30:           Correct entry=$10,040.36
April 30:           Amount corrected=$363.00
April 30:           Correct balance=$10,040.36
Check:             San Jose Cheer grant (bank check)- $690.00
Balance:           $ 9,350.36
Deposit:            Membership Helen Garza, Danny Garza, Mark Briggs: + $75.00
Balance:           $ 9,425.36
Foundation Ending balance:   $9,425.36
IB Ending balance:   $6,000.00

II.    Principal's report (Silvia Guzman, Assistant Principal of Curriculum, reporting)
        CST review as well as IB testing
        Last Day of school is May 31 as well as graduation at 3 in the afternoon
        9 and 10 graders are doing personal projects (presentations on May 16-17, 5-7 pm., all are welcome )

III.    Old Business
        Committee reports:
-Fundraiser- Luau
start a committee to do this fundraiser at the beginning of the school year

-150th celebration planning committee
location and time have been set
waiting for closing gala
raffle off a Ford car if the kids can tweet Ellen Degeneres or Cupcake Wars
Guy Fieri lives in San Jose (Northern CA?) and the kids are planning to contact him
Get the kids involved early

-more fundraisers:
Dave and Busters fundraiser
sell the power cards for $10 and get 50% profit
packet was passed out and there is a little sign up sheet for it
fundraiser can gain more money than any other fundraiser because we get back 50%
power card is a good gift
we can continue to have an ongoing fundraiser to make money
no money upfront
foundation will keep half of the money and whatever is paid will be on the power card at visit
cards can be sold to anyone as well as be bought as gifts
cards can be used for games
Motion Approved for Patrick Vigil to proceed and be in charge

IV.    New Business
•150th had a grant request that was approved.
Request for printer inks for PR mailing for 150th Celebration
Amount - $580 . . . ink colors: black, cyan, magenta, yellow

•nomination of officers:
voting takes place at the end of the school year
bring this up in the next meeting
nominations of June 5?
revised bylaws?
nominate officers now and vote in june?
nominate now and vote next time? 1 or 2 year term?
can nominate and elect right now? decide now?
(wait until the final bylaws are done- moved to next month)
(nominations have been done for president, vice president, treasurer and secretary: President: Patrick Vigil Vice President: Milt Peddy Secretary: Mary Delacruz Treasurer: Danny Garza)

•Last meeting of the year
location is determined already: The Bold Knight from 9 am–1 pm
coffee, water, tea? pay ten dollars to include snacks? . . . every participant pays $10.00
motion carried

Agenda for the last meeting:
fundraising for each month would be monthly
Mrs. Guzman is going to ask the staff if they want to be board members if allowed
membership drive?
fundraising bowling? 4th street bowl? bowling day/night?
more fundraising ideas June 5
Brian to bring membership letter
 listing of the membership to where the letter is going to go
list needs to be brought
get people that signed the cards to come to the meetings to see who is who and at that
moment get them to sign up and to donate their money
this needs to be decided at the retreat

Last meeting: June 5 retreat details
Meeting Adjourned- 7:02 p.m.