Heritage Room Renovation

San José High School

Heritage Room Restoration


How it started:

Mark Briggs's has for several years encouraged us to make improvements to the Heritage Room at San José High School.

Earlier this year he told Barbara Peddy "you're in charge, just do it".

On Monday, May 23, 2011 Pat Mark, Barbara and Milt (Tim) Peddy met with Principal Cary Catching, to discuss the purpose, use and restoration of the San José High School Heritage Room.



To preserve and display the school history through objects and photos; to educate students and researchers about San José High School's (Academy) affect on the community.



To provide easy access and viewing to Books, Photos and Objects.  Ample book shelves, cabinets, picture hanging facilities and other storage have been installed and are useable.



National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) of Silicon Valley, for the generous gift of money to fund this effort.  Pat Mark (Mark Electric) headed this effort.

San Jose´ High School Class of 1955, for the generous gift of money to continue this effort.

Tap Plastics: Thank you Denny Stout for donating all the window UV protective film.

Cambrian Glass: Thank you for the discount on the cabinet door glass.

Many others contributed time, money and encouragement.



Painting, shelf installation and other heavy work was contracted out and supervised by Pat Mark.

Barbara Peddy did the decorating and arranging; Pat Mark, his daughter, his granddaughters and Milt Peddy assisted.


Our Special Thanks To:

Principal Cary Catching and her staff, without her assistance none of this could have happened.

Thank you ReikoTakao for your editing assistance and printing of the program .



Funds received will provide for a few years of maintenance, repairs and acceptance of new items.


To see the following, check out the Heritage Room Pictorial (in the toolbar):

Photos of the planning

Photos during restoration

Photos of completed restoration

Photos of the opening night