2011-1 March

San José High Bulldog Foundation 1 March, 2011

In attendance: Gene Dawson, Cary Catching, Brian Russell, Jose da Silva, Oreen Gernreich, Helen Garza, Scott Dawson, JoAnn Bundgard, Patrick Vigil, Danny Garza, Mary DelaCruz, Reiko Takao

I. Welcome and Introductions

•    Called to order by President Gene Dawson, 6:08 pm, thanked Oreen for her support, help and mentorship and expressed his heartfelt connection with San José High, prior to his resignation which is effective immediately.

•    At 6:26 p.m. the gavel was passed onto Vice President Brian Russell who now is President.

II. Approval of Minutes

•    Minutes reviewed and approved. (Motion: Cary/ second: Danny) •    Patrick did not receive the February minutes; Reiko will check the Foundation group emails

III. Treasurer’s Report (Treasurer Danny Garza)

Balance for January 31, 2011 Bank charges Balance for February. 28, 2011


$17,482.04 - 13.76 $17,468.28

• • • Approved (Motion: Patrick/second: Cary)

IV. Principal’s Report (Cary Catching)

Testing: •    Next month are the California High School Exit Exams (CAHSEE) •    April—California State Standardized tests •    May--IB exams

WASC beginning March 20, Sunday, 5 p.m. in Rm. 37 mtg. with parents, PTSA, District Office representatives re: relationship with school. Cary would like Foundation represented. Jose da Silva and Brian Russell will attend to represent Bulldog Foundation; Danny Garza will attend if his schedule allows.

V. Old Business •    Foundation Bylaws (Cary Catching)

Brian and Cary met to look at by laws esp. those that are not specific . . . level of dues, levels of participation, hierarchy, objective. Patrick originally prepared the bylaws from several sources with the intent that the bylaws would be revised and “revisited”. Apparently this was never done. The goal is to streamline the document and be more specific to San Jose High. The bylaws should be written so that it can be revised periodically and updated. Important: mission statement to be specific;

Brian—became a member of Bulldog Foundation” to support the school and students of the present and their future, not necessarily to support the alumni.” There is a strong need to revise the mission statement. Brian will speak with Mr. Kleidon “face-to-face” re: alumni and the Bulldog Foundation relationship.

Cary will call a meeting with those who at the February volunteered (Pat Nakashima, Brian Russell, Patrick Vigil) and will present the “new” bylaws at the next meeting, April 5

•    Non-profit status (Cary Catching) Official name:

•    Banner (Patrick Vigil) Ordered one large, red banner with grommets; one smaller banner with a white background with grommets. Patrick to check re: delivery date

•    Committee reports o Marketing

Thank you to Kent Goodman who worked on the Foundation website which has been launched. There is a link to to school website or www.sanjosehighfoundation.org. (The domain name is owned by Adam Plunkett who has transferred the name to the Foundation.)

o Events—no report

o Membership—no report VI. New business

San Jose High Bulldog Foundation

Teacher Grants (Cary Catching)

o The proposal for Teacher Grants were presented to all staff members. o Requests:

•    One request for binding materials will be “granted” by Cary through a school account; did not meet requirements for a Foundation Grant.

•    Art Department requests $280.13 for materials to build display panels for use by IB Art students as part of their IB Art exam; construction of the display panels will be done by volunteers (Roger Alsobrook). Motion: Patrick/second: Danny; approved

•    ASB requests $1100 to purchase new portable JBL sound system for use at rallies, sports banquets, etc. incl. discount. Research done by Lisa Pereira, Activities Director, prior to proposal. The old system can be resold and used as credit for the purchase of the new system. Motion: Patrick/second: Jose; approved

VII. Adjourn

.Motion: Jose/second: Patrick; adjourned 7:03 p.m. by President Brian Russell

Next meeting: April 5, 2011, Tuesday, 6:00 p.m. NOTES:

District can audit school funds and accounts but cannot take and or use any ASB or school club funds.

Submitted March 2, 2011 by Reiko Takao