2011-2 May

San José High Bulldog Foundation 3 May, 2011

In attendance: Brian Russell, Jose da Silva, Cary Catching, Danny Garza, Oreen Gernreich, John Shannon, Dean Corpuz, Pat Nakashima, Milt Peddy, Barbara Peddy, Mary DelaCruz, Reiko Takao

I. Welcome and Introductions

•    John Shannon, former SJHS ASB President, Class of 1976? •    Dean Corpuz, Class of 1979

II. Approval of Minutes

Danny, motion to approve minutes; Cary, second; approved

III. Treasurer’s Report

Cary: request to reimburse Steve Novotny for plaques; Oreen will bring reimbursement forms. All expenditures should be accounted for. Cary, moved “that all expenditures to be accounted for by completing and approving a reimbursement form/request”; José. second; passed

IV. Principal’s Report

•    IB testing from May 3-19 •    Senior finals begin on May 25, after IB testing •    Graduation: June 2 •    IB Middle Years Programme revisit on May 5, at Burnett on May 6


Balance, March 31, 2011


Deposits for April



Cash out




Bank fee


Balance after deposits


Cash out


Balance after cash out


Submitted May 2, 2011

•    May 2, master scheduling was done; teachers will have their schedule early so they can plan for the coming school year.

•    Retreat with asst. principals is planned; ultimate goal is to have a “San Jose way” created for various activities.

•    IB Night, 200+ parents attended organized by one person, IB diploma Coordinator; in future look to others to help with organization of event

•    Senior Night on Monday, May 23 •    Portuguese dinner, May 20 . . . can purchase from Jose

V. Old Business

• •

Membership drive (Oreen) o The committee made phone calls, recorded those who expressed an interest, and

invited to the next meeting. Marketing Committee (Mary and Danny)

o Wine tasting event at J.Lohr, located near District office. Tentatively scheduled for Friday, September 30, 2011. No cost to Foundation, inc. hors d'œuvre; benefit to J.Lohr is the selling of the wines . . . no percentage of sales to Foundation, but contact at Lohr will look into this. Maximum: 45 tickets. Suggestions: $25/person to encourage attendance; $35 with additional food. Danny: motion to move forward with this fundraiser pending confirmation of date with Patrick; José, second; passed

o Movie Night:  Foundation purchases book of tickets at a reduced price and we resell at a

profit; movie theatre waiting for our participation; always available

o Bowling:  Fourth Street Bowl hosting league play now; need to wait until winter.  Foundation to get reduced price for games, food and drinks in addition to percent of bar sales o Miniature golf

Cost to Foundation: $6.50 for round of golf + pizza

o Derby Night:  Henry Morato, owner, is very supportive of the school. Get percentage of bar sales

o Henry’s Hofbrau: Holds 175 in large hall in back.  $150 for room use, all night beginning 6 pm. Dates available: Oct 15, Oct. 29, Nov. 19:  Cost $8.95 (senior dinner rate) includes dinner only, no drinks or dessert. Get a ticket and select whatever is on the menu. Mary will ask about having a dj and costumes (Halloween)  Danny: motion to reserve room for Oct. 29, Saturday + $150 room charge;

José, second; approved;

Other suggestions

Cary: need to offer a variety of activities and fundraisers to appeal to different populations

Dean: (for Avon Breast Cancer Walk) purchased iPad and coach bag w/ wallet and wristlet for raffle; limited number of tickets for “better” chance of winning

Mary: Rummage sale in July at Backesto Park. Do Hofbrau dinner and wine tasting events well; others are available at all

times, can do later

VI. New business

By laws Committee

o Four members helped in the revision process and Articles of Corporation; looked at other bylaws (one from a school in the district, others outside of district) re format and sections required. One year since original bylaws were written; items that were reviewed: mission statement and goals, membership cost and level. Bylaws will be finalized ready for approval at the June mtg/retreat

o Non-profit status—bank needed additional paperwork to be recognized officially as a non-profit status; 7 months to complete the application, Bulldog Foundation is well within the deadline

Bulldog Foundation Retreat

o Goals for retreat:  Plan activities

Membership: Foundation goals to support students and faculty.  Approve bylaws.  Work in groups. Develop marketing materials

o Cary has offered her home for the retreat:  the Catchings will provide BBQ; members will provide other dishes, i.e. salads, dessert, drinks, etc.

o Date: Sunday, June 12 at 10:00 a.m o Specific information to follow

VII. Other

•    Danny: Patrick has sent to City Clerk the proclamation for new/old signatures; waiting for new signatures

•    Mark Briggs 90th birthday, surprise celebration; former student sculptured a bust of Mark to present to him, Saturday, May 7, 1 pm in SJHS; arrive before 1 pm. Mark’s story will eventually appear in the Mercury-News.

VIII. Adjourn

Cary: motion to adjourn; Pat: second; adjourned 7:05 pm


Next meeting: Sunday, June 12, 10:00 a.m., home of the Catchings