2011-3 June

San José High Bulldog Foundation 12 June, 2011 Special meeting/retreat at Home of Cary Catching

In attendance: Brian Russell, Cary Catching, José Da Silva, Pat Nakashima, John Shannon, Roberta Schultze, Barbara Petty, Milt Peddy, Danny Garza, Mary Delacruz, Helen Garza, Joe Jones, Reiko Takao

I. Welcome and Introductions

The meeting was called to order by President Brian Russell at 10:41 a.m.

II. Approval of Minutes

Corrections: •    Pg. 1, John Shannon, Class of 1966, not 1976 (. . . and he looks so young) •    Pg. 2, correct spelling: Henry Morado, owner . . . Motion to approve: Pat; second: José; approved

III. Treasurer’s Report (Danny Garza)

•    Balance: $15,186.79, inc. bank fees •    Paid to Harry’s Hofbrau $100 for October Halloween fundraiser • Approved:

1.    Reimbursement to Steve Novotny for plaques on display boards re: identify donation by Bulldog Foundation; not to exceed $120, now on proper reimbursement form. Motion to approve: Cary; second: Danny; approved

2.    Payment: previously approved $349.60 for two Bulldog Foundation banners

IV. Principal’s Report (Cary Catching)

•    A good first year at SJHS for Cary •    SJHS received 6 yr. WASC accreditation with a 3 yr. interim visit •    104 graduates; 62 diploma candidates . . . exciting chain of events: a vendor’s mylar balloon hit an electrical wire which in turn blew a transformer which in turn burned the truck belonging to the sound system person and a shed on Trace Elementary which resulted in the street being closed which meant the administrators could not access their cars for several hours . . .

•    During the coming summer Cary will be hosting a retreat with all site administrators •    Mr. Culver, Special Education teacher, has retired. •    With the exception of the Special Education position, SJHS is fully staffed for the coming school year. Many highly qualified applications were received.

V. Old Business

•    By laws Committee (Cary, Jose, Brian, Pat, and Patrick) •    Goal: “clean up” conflicting information •    Issue needing input from members: (1) membership dues, (2) term of office



• Discussion: 

José: bylaws are a legal document; look at whole membership issue; and Board membership, i.e. when elected, term of office, how many, etc. 

Brian: Liked Willow Glen High and Middle School bylaws: simpler, direct 

Milt: reminder: bylaws be set up to represent and reflect SJHS and goals 

Cary: template for bylaws available, certain sections required; need to clarify membership re: a membership organization? . . . keep in mind realistic financial obligation 

Refer to Willow Glen bylaws, ex. Board of Directors 11-25 in number, set from time to time, inc. principal, trustee, faculty, set term of office, annual election meeting, when membership dues are paid  Flat rate for membership Vision: to be clarified to support SJHS and its activities 

Cary: suggest hierarchy, ex. Executive (elected officers), Board of Directors, Advisory Committee, members

Mary: include ASB president, class officers, PTSA, parents

Possible structure: Levels of sponsorship and membership

Membership fee set by Board from time to time

Roberta: term set for July to June (fiscal year)

Motion: membership to be based on annual fee set by Board (Motion, Jose; second, Pat; approved)

-Members are welcome at all Board meetings

-From the membership annual meeting in April or May, election to be held for officers for the following year

Motion: work year be from July 1 to June 30, annual meeting to be determined by the Board (Motion, Cary: second, Brian. Amend: for the election of Directors and conduct other proper business, with no less than 30 days notification to the general membership . . . approved

Motion: Basic membership level is $25.00 (Motion, Jose; second, Helen; approved)

-Suggestion: Letter to include membership responsibilities, rights, etc.

-Danny: suggest considering membership of at least 3 months before right to vote

Deadline: bylaws to be completed by first of September ready for vote

• Activities update

-Wine tasting at J. Lohr, September 16, Friday.

No cost to Foundation; all profit to Foundation.

Can accommodate 45-50 people; charge $25-30/person.

Patrick has all of the information

-Dinner at Harry’s Hofbrau, Oct. 29, Saturday, 6-11 pm, $40/person. Attire: casual, costume optional

Cost includes time to set up. Hofbrau is charging Foundation the senior rate, includes non- alcoholic drink and dessert. If select prime rib, patron must pay the difference. Danny suggests using tickets for bar tab. Foundation can provide DJ or live band/group. Mary suggests inviting school mariachi to play if available. According to John, possible $5,800 profit. (Note: Zorro costume is “taken”)

VI. New business

•    Suggested fundraisers

-Barbara: Jalisco charges flat rate for everyone; Giorgio, Frankie and Luigi gives template for handouts and earn 15% of sales o -Cary: “My School is Cool” contest at Eastridge Mall, monetary awards based on receipts, inc. dining; SJHS to participate next year

-Others: Target, get a Target card; Safeway, e-scripts which PTSA does

-Mary and Danny: advertise paid sponsors on t-shirts to give out free to students. For PE can wear anything that has SJHS, inc. SJHS Foundation. Suggest getting a design for a t-shirt then look for interest; can be a pocket design. $4 ea. for white t-shirt w/ black print; $6 for 3-color print

•    Informational

-Danny: VTA is changing bus route; can make sure that a stop includes one at SJHS

•    New committees

-Cary suggests 3 standing committees

1.   150tth    Planning Committee

-Need someone to be “point person” to coordinate, other than Cary

-Students, Alumni (Bill), PTSA want to be involved

-2013 SJHS hosting Big Bone; yearbook planning extensive coverage

-Sal Pizzaro through Cary is connection w/ SJ Mercury News; involve Rigo Chacon via Mark Briggs

2.    Membership (PR) Committee

3.    Activities/events Committee

•    In summary


•    This retreat meeting today, June 12

•    Good relations with Alumni Assoc. José and Brian met w/ Bill Kleindon and Leslie;

issue: “bad feelings” re: funds and promises made informally on a person-to-person basis have been clarified and are in the past. Bill is willing to help Foundation

•    Heritage Room, located in Media Center at SJHS, has been updated with new cabinetry, shelves, museum quality displays, picture rails around room; rotating display in A-Hall. Led by Pat Mark and donations from Class of 1955 w/ addtl. $5,000 donated by Mr. Mark’s contact, electricians union. In future, possible CAS hours for maintenance/organization, alumni tours, donations, etc.

•    150th celebration in forefront


•    Lack direction . . . but moving to a Plus

VII. Adjourn

•    “Homework” for next meeting: Review 501(3)c and have suggestions/answers •    Motion to adjourn: Cary; second, José; approved; Adjourned 2:09 pm

2011-2012 Bulldog Foundation meetings will be held in the Media Center, SJHS, 6:00 pm

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Submitted by Reiko Takao, Foundation secretary