2011-4 August

In attendance:

Cary Catching, Milt Peddy, Barbara Peddy, Patrick Vigil, John Shannon, Kent Goodman, Mary Delacruz, Bill Kleidon, Leslie Muniz, Danny Garza, José da Silva, Pat Nakashima, Reiko Takao

Time: 6:30 – 7: 46 pm; presiding: Mary Delacruz NOTE: Informal meeting to finalize fundraisers, no approval of minutes, treasurer’s report, principal’s report, or committee reports

Wine tasting at J.Lohr, (1000 Lenzen Ave., San Jose 95126) September 30, 7-9 pm (Chairperson: Patrick Vigil)

•    47 people •    No tables, basic 2 platters for hors d'oeuvres at no cost to the Foundation; Pat N. suggested an

addtl. platters be ordered at $65 (for a total of 3) •    $35/tickets, maximum tickets to sell: 70 tickets (numbered) •    Reiko will create flyer for website. Kent will put on Bulldog Foundation web; Cary will have Adam link to school website

•    Take membership application and flyer for October fundraiser (Harry’s Hofbrau) to wine tasting

•    Student art work for exhibit/to sell at wine tasting; Reiko will contact Nancy Alsobrook

Dinner at Harry Hofbrau, (390 Saratoga Ave., San Jose 95129) October 29, Saturday 6 – 11 pm (Co-chairs: Mary Delacruz and Danny Garza)

•    Holds 150 people; sell 175 tickets (numbered)

•    $40 inc. drink and dessert; prime rib selection additional cost

•    Dress: costume or casual attire •    50/50 raffle •    Entertainment will be from 5:30 – 7:00 pm. Cary will check for performances by SJHS mariachi, folklorico, and Portuguese Club folk dancers

•    Banquet room available 4- 12 midnight; begin set up at 4

•    Need 5-6 people for decorating and clean up

•    Looking for dj to play during dinner for background/mood music

•    Bar drinks available “outside” of banquet room area; responsibility will be w/restaurant/bartender

•    Begin selling tickets as soon as possible, available for purchase at Sept. 30 wine tasting event

•    Get others to sell tickets, not just “regular” Foundation participants

•    May to propose est. cost for decorations for Sept. mtg. •    Mary will also check into a photo booth and/or photographer for the event

•    YouTube the event (Expert “youtubers”: Mary, Bill, Cary, Kent)


150th Celebration, 2013 (Reiko Takao, celebration coordinator)

•    Begin planning at Sept. mtg.

•    When is the exact date of celebration? . . . and events associated with San Jose High School. Kent to research. Suggested resource: History of San Jose by Clyde Arbuckle

•    Suggest early on “big event” table at 2012 Big Bone Game with flyer

•    SJHS hosting Big Bone game in 2013 and special yearbook available for purchase by alumni also

•    Possible collaboration of event(s) with Alumni Association (Bill Kleidon)

•    Italian, Japanese, etc.—ethnic groups prominent during 150 yrs.

•    Core Steering Committee of approx. 20

•    Keep Rigo Chacon “in loop”; Cary has contact info (close connection to Mark Briggs)

•    Someone to research history of SJHS; History San Jose contact via Milt

•    Possible special luncheon for former faculty, staff, principals of SJHS

•    Cary is checking into special seal for Class of 2013 diploma (150th graduating class)

Alumni Association (Bill Kleidon)

•    “TARDEADA, “ Aug. 20, at the Bold Knight, in/out $15 admission

•    All bands are former SJH alumni; tickets still available

•    Bill willing to help foundation in every way possible inc. selling tickets


•    Danny is looking into a bldg. across from the Mexican Heritage Plaza where students will have an opportunity to sell their art work.

•    San Jose High Bulldog Foundation membership due $25 each

•    Tom Bondi—Rotary and Bulldog Foundation member has supported SJHS student through various activities

•    Contact Kiwanis, already at school w/ Key Club, who are very supportive of SJHS students

Next meeting: September 6 , Tuesday, 6:00 pm, SJHS Media Center

Agenda items:

1.      Bank of the West, manager Peter Young, credit card machine and other “perks” (Mary Delacruz)

2.      Ken Nakatsu, owner/manager, 4th Street Bowl, fundraising opportunities (Mary Delacruz)

3.      Start up company linking social networking w/ fundraising (John Shannon)