2011-5 September

In attendance: Pat Nakashima, Ken Nakatsu, Mike Lopez, William Kleidon, Rick Aning, Leslie Rubalcaba Muniz, Cary Catching, Mary Delacruz, Danny Garza, Milt Peddy, Barbara Peddy, John Shannon, Patrick Vigil, Brian Russell, Christina Castro, Socorro Vigil, Bruce Lam, Reiko Takao

I. Welcome and Introductions

Called to order by President Brian Russell at 6:02 pm

II. Approval of Minutes

A. Minutes of the June 12 meeting—Cary: motion to approve; John: second; approved.

B. Minutes of the Aug.2 informal meeting—Cary;motion to approve; Pat: second

III. Treasurer’s Report

No activity during the month of August

Deposit for membership:  100.00+ 50.00

Total deposit:  150.00

Balance as of September 6, 2011:  $14, 759.92

IV. Principal’s Report

A.   Enrollment

Smooth opening day

110+ new students equally a total of 1200+; 10 students dropped re: “no shows”

Almost to capacity per staffing. 110+ new students

B.   API scores

API scores went down

Each department is looking at the scores and seeing how to approve so achievement will go up

At SJHS 35% are English Language Learners (ELL) and 20% are Special Education students

The focus is to improving scores for the ELL students

C. Football Jamboree—Bulldogs scored against each team; the first non-league game was against Harker . . . the team (and coaches) “stayed in game” to the end

V. Old Business

A. IRS: Changes for Form 1023, Application for Recognition of Exemption

•    The application is still incomplete.

•    The sooner the completion, the better, ex. for banking; have 19 months, however, need to complete earlier in case addtl. revision(s) is/are needed

•    Committee members: Brian, Patrick, Cary, Danny, Pat (depending on day/time of meeting), and Reiko

•    If the committee needs help, Karen Hood at IRS is recommended by Mike Lopez

B. Wine tasting at J.Lohr, September 30, Friday, 7-9pm

•    As of today, there are only 15 tickets

•    Lisa, contact person at J. Lohr, will have two extra tables available for whatever use we may have

•    Silent auction? No plans at this time •    $65 for addtl. platter of hor d’oeuvres

•    Art exhibit and show only; however, students may sell their work. If necessary, tax ID of Bulldog Foundation may be used

C. Halloween dinner at Harry’s Hofbrau, October 29, Saturday

•    SJHS folkorico group and mariachi will perform

•    Uelsmann flyer (tree house) approved; tickets to be created in similar theme

D. Bulldog Foundation brochure

Very general

Patrick suggests a “grand idea,” or project that the Foundation focus on and work towards

Cary suggested that the brochure be kept general to appeal to a wider group re: Bulldog Foundation has been in existence for only one and a half years

E. Committee reports

• 150th celebration

•    Theme needed

•    See brainstorming session for suggested themes

•    Suggested simple theme, i.e. Celebrating 150 Years: It’s all about Bulldog Pride; 150 Years of Bulldog Pride; Bulldog Pride: 150 Years and Growing

•    Theme will be decided at next

•    Christina Castro willing to help with theme

VI. New business

A. Bank of the West manager, Peter Young

•    $100 to open a direct deposit checking account

•    Alumni can donate to Foundation the $100. $250 deposit every month for 60 day period to receive/earn $100.

•    Free checking account.

•    Can open savings for $300 or money market account $5,000 or more; must maintain min. or fees will be added.

•    Business accounts: maintain $2000 minimum for free checking account; below $2,000 there is a $5 fee. Must use ATM card as pt. of sale to equal $125.

•    No guarantee but Bank of the West makes community grants, i.e. for cultural, community purposes. Low and moderate housing is key focus.

•    See website www.bankofthe west.com under charitable contributions; community

•    Bank is also very active in Jr. Achievement. The Saratoga branch takes the lead in the project and mentors students

•    Mr. Young was at World Trade Center on 9/11; offers to speak to classes re: his experience and reaction

•    Last 3 of 4 years Bank of the West has been named “Best Bank” by J.D. Powers

B. 4th Street Bowl owner, Ken Nakatsu

•Ideas for bowling for fundraisers

1.    Spirit Day, offer as we like, for example, wear school colors, or wear school t-shirt to get discount for bowling; get percentage of games played. Although the easiest to plan, not as profitable. Sunday or Thurs. night is least busy; after school on Friday is suggested . . . weeknight leagues; Friday and Sat. nights are the busiest. Example: cost per game is $4.00; participants are charged $3.50 and Foundation gets 50 cents per game. Also can do as flyer and get percentage of those going in with the flyer. Let Ken know of date before hand.

2.    Charity bowling—set price for ticket sales and participants sell tickets; Foundation will buy game tickets for $2.50/game and any amount beyond the $2.50 will be for Foundation who may set the price of a game. Usually limited to 2-3 games; suggestion: prizes for most tickets sold. Regular cost per game is $4.00-5.00.

3.    Bowl-a-thon—get pledges for bowling; potential earnings are high . . . for example, pledges per pin. Can bring in food from outside; no pizza sold at 4th Street Bowl; can sell merchandise on site; silent auction is a good example to do in addition to bowling fundraiser. Saturday is the best day . . . during the day. Patrick suggests a food truck; Bill has contact with a person with such a business

-Standing offer for this and next year $2.50/game; but can customize to fit our needs. 4th Street Bowl can offer “special lane menu,” i.e. cost of order to be a bit higher and Foundation will get the difference, ex. $1.00 addtl. for nachos; Foundation gets the $1.00. Can sell tickets for drinks; however, 4th Street Bowl nor its staff can do so

-Friday after Thanksgiving generally is not very busy, a slower day . . . may be a good day to have bowling.

C. Bold Knight owner, Mike Lopez is open to any proposal; can do flyer promotion and/or percentage of patrons. Bold Knight 150 capacity downstairs; 250 upstairs . . . also Mr. Lopez is setting up a NFL flag youth program.

E. SJH Bulldog Foundation now has a Facebook “facepage,” managed by Socorro Vigil as administrator . . . all is connected to the Bulldog Foundation webpage. Connect with Kent Goodman; send emails to Patrick for any information to post

F. Bill suggests concentrating on northside of San Jose re: so many from around the area . . . bulldogs are everywhere

G. Hawaiian luau—Mary to have more information for next meeting

H. Heritage Room—Barbara . . . reminder: everyone should visit the Heritage Room in the Media Center

VII. Adjourn

•    Motion made by Brian; second by Cary . . . adjourned at 7:39 pm

Next scheduled meetings: 2011-2012 Bulldog Foundation meetings will be held in the Media Center, SJHS, 6:00 pm

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