2011-6 October

I. Welcome and Introductions

•    Called to order by President Brian Russell at 6:01 pm

II. Approval of Minutes

•    Motion to approve made by Bill; seconded by Danny; approved

III. Treasurer’s Report (Danny)

•    September activity: 

Deposit one check of 25.00

Bank charges:  13.78

Balance as of 10/4/11 is $14,706.14

•    Looking into “temporary” (use perhaps 4x year) ATM function, i.e. ATM donations via bank transfer, no cash is handled. Has received informational packet from Bridge Bank, awaiting additional information. Bank of the West has free function rental and discounts on other fees. (Motion to continue to look into this made by Pat N., seconded by Christina, approved; however, must wait for direction from the Board.)

IV. Principal’s Report (Christina Castro, AP, IMA/Guidance)

•    Sept. 30 College Day, went well; all teachers did college presentations about college and the college they attended and also displayed posters. Spartan mascot came; a raffle ticket was given to any student who went to Rm. 40 and answered questions re: college. Future plan is to do a College Day every month.

•    First win in football vs James Lick by both varsity and junior varsity teams

•    Oct. 4-5, CAHSEE for seniors; PSAT for 11th graders next Wed.

•    Monday’s staff mtg. was a collaboration process focusing on 21st century skills and closing the achievement and opportunity gap of all students which was the focus of Superintendent Dr. Matthews opening school address

V. Old Business

•    Membership drive

o Form a committee to look for more members

o Danny and Mary are interested in participating in “recruiting” more members

o Class of 1982, Grace Aguerria is interested in participating (ref: Rick Aning)

•    J. Lohr Winetasting wrap up (Patrick Vigil)

o Positive feedback; people enjoyed themselves . . . a group later went to continue to “have a good time.”

o Bill sold 40 tickets

o Little under $2500. Final accounting to be presented at next mtg. re: outstanding unaccounted tickets

o J. Lohr is open to doing this again next year, rarely do they offer this opportunity to a non-profit group

o J. Lohr saw the event as successful and happy that bottles of wine were also purchased

o More than 50 in room, max. 47 due to fire code re: no back door exit

•Brochure status (Reiko)

o Finished

o May request additional copies but must let Reiko know ahead of time, at least a week, folks!

•150th Celebration (Reiko)

o Reiko will contact PTSA to perhaps sponsor a family oriented event

o Suggestion that Board sponsor the opening event; to be considered

o Bill will check with San Jose Country Club and Bold Knight which can accommodate 286 upstairs and 100 downstairs

o Barbara suggests Board do something here at school; IS Hall an option; History San Jose, etc.; these are suggestions to bring to the 150th Celebration Committee

o Minutes from 150th Celebration Committee:

Celebration  Chairperson:    Reiko  Takao  

Calendar  for  celebration  year:  begins  January  2013 and ends  December  2013

Display  case in A Hall used  to  show  members  of  past  sports' teams

Suggested  venue  for  kick off event is the  San  José  Country  Club  

-Theme:   150  Years  of  Bulldog  Pride  (1863-­‐2013)   It's  Just  the  Beginning...and  counting 

Various committees and chairpersons are as follows:                  

-Student  project  centered  around  the  theme/Jer  Soriano (chairperson)

*His  suggestion:    alumni  be  named  as  honorary  captains  during  sports' seasons  and/or  participate  in   opening ceremony  of  a game/season. 

-All  student  events/Administrative  team  at  SJHS (chairpersons)

-Alumni  groups/Barbara  Peddy  (chairperson):     

Cultural  contributions:  Italian  American  Society;  Japanese  American Museum  of  SJ     

List  of  dignitaries  to  be  invited  to gala (final  event) 

-Facebook/Socorro Vigil (chairperson) will  be  checking  for  cost  of  using  some  of  the  Facebook  applications   

-GALA  (final  event)/Bill  Kleidon (chairperson)

-Parade/Ric  Aning (chairperson) possibly  at  beginning  of  football  season and starting  at  original  site  of  school (the current  SJSU  campus)

-Public  Relations/Kent  Goodman (website,  other  media)

-Historical  marker/Pat  Sweeney (chairperson)

-Flags  on  street  lights  (city  recognition)/Danny  Garza,  Cary  Catching  (chairpersons)

Calendar of events  draft  will  be  presented  at  next  meeting    

Big  Bone  game:  Principal  Cary  Catching  will  see  about  switching  with  Lincoln  to  host  in  2013.     

Future  meetings:    Tues,  Oct.  18  (6-­‐7  p.m.);  Tues,  Nov.  22  (6-­‐7  p.m.)  

VI. New business

•    Halloween dinner (Mary and Danny)

o Harry’s Hofbrau can hold 210 people for sit down dinner; 275 standing room

o Need $300 for decorations; motion made by Jose that the $300 be the maximum, seconded by Pat N.; passed

o Mariachi coming to perform; great performances according to Danny

o Portuguese dance and Folklorico dance group? Mary will check w/ Cary

o Discussion of changing price . . . 2 for $70 re: easier to sell and concern that there are other Halloween parties being given; motion made by Jose that the dinner tickets be 2 for $70.00, seconded by Pat, passed with one opposed

o Martin, DJ, suggested using the restaurant sound system. DJ charges $75 an hour with 2 free hours for a $225 total. Request wide range of music; motion made by Danny for the 5 hrs. by the DJ; Jose second. Further discussion: mariachi and entertainment will be for 1 hr; need only 4 hr. for music. Will bill for 2 hrs. for total of $150 from 7- 11 pm for 4 hrs. of work; motion amended . . . . passed

•    T-shirts (Barbara Peddy)   

o Tabled for next meeting and suggested to be presented at 150 Celebration Committee meeting.

•    150th Celebration Logo watches (Limited Edition)  Order form (attachment)

o Both the Danish styled and sports watch are $50 each Additional choice of men’s (universal) or woman’s size.

Sample photos (attachment)

VII. Adjourn

Motion to adjourn made by Pat N., seconded by Patrick V., passed. Adjourned at 7:05 pm

Next scheduled meetings:

2011-2012 Bulldog Foundation meetings will be held in the Media Center, SJHS, 6:00 pm

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