2011-7 November

I. Welcome and Introductions

Called to order by President Brian Russell at 6:03 pm

II. Approval of Minutes

Motion made by José that the minutes be approved; seconded by Pat, approved

III. Treasurer’s Report

•Balance as of Nov. 1, 2011: $14,779.00

•Waiting to collect money from Halloween dinner and final accounting for the event

•Cary: an App called the “square” can connect to an account, can scan credit cards, can download the app with no charge. Suggest look into the “square.”

•Motion to approve treasurer’s report, Cary; second, José; approved

IV. Principal’s Report

•“Rollin’ right along.”   

•Second administration of the CAHSEE to 11th and 12th graders; 10th graders in March

•Volleyball game faculty vs student; fun by all

•Next week's football game against vs Overfelt; this week vs Silver Creek

•Preparing for Big Bone Ball; theme: A Night in the Orient . . . dragons, red carpet, etc; ticket sales began today, Nov. 1

•Structured collaboration with Burnett to build one solid MYP program at both sites

•School ends at the end of May

V. Old Business

Membership drive

o Suggestions:

•Send brochure with return envelope

•Include letter from Foundation president, Brian

•Suggest sending to all parents of present SJHS students

•Send all alumni and Foundation events

o Information about Foundation as link on school website

o Send minutes to all, not only Board members

o Big Bone bash 6 pm-1:30 am,; Danny and Mary will take the lead and schedule 2 hr. shifts. Volunteers: Cary, Brian, and José

o Reiko to get spreadsheet and interest cards from Lorraine for mass mailing

Halloween dinner wrap up

o Collected $1,260.00, final accounting to follow for December meeting

o Thank you to Mary for organizing

o Some lessons learned in the details of an event

o Mariachi was fabulous; suggest include in every event

o Thank you letters to Sofia Fojas for mariachi; Missy Walters for folklorico dancers; Luis Nunes and Nancy Pereira for Portuguese Dance Club

150th Planning meeting

•Athletic Dept. (Joe Jones) will organize golf tournament

•Kent Goodman, PR chair, strongly suggests setting dates by December, 2011

•Rick—parade, letter to Sam Liccardo sent, no response yet.

o Alumni band to be organized

o Other possibilities: Boys Scouts, Girl Scouts, American Legion, Marine or Army marching band

o Feeder schools do a banner: Principal of Lowell, former SJHS IB student, is interested in being involved

•Time capsule of 125th celebration is in a steel drum according to former school banker, Lois Schultz, who is 85% sure it is underneath the cornerstone on senior lawn. Cary to get someone to use a underground scope to see if something is actually buried there before digging. Jose to check with Dick Hawkins or Sandy Schwarer. Dig up for 150th celebration

VI. New business

•Conflict of interest policy for application

o Appendix A: Conflict of Interest Policy—Pat, moved; Jose,; discussion: to clarify sample “hospital” to be Foundation. Motion to accept (Pat), second (José) approved

•Proposal to move account from Bridge to Bank of the West

o Bridge Bank, a bank primarily for businesses, charges minimum $11 monthly fee.

o Bank of the West

o Free checking if $3,000 min.; can deposit at any branch if approved by manager, Peter Young according to Mary.

o Checking or savings either is a positive for a move to Bank of the West. Motion to move (Brian), second (Pat), approved

o Danny to make transfer after 15th when all checks have cleared. Mr. Young will do all of the transfer. Start with Halloween dinner income to Bank of the West, then make a transfer. Suggestion by Mary: make the transfer in 3 months when all checked have cleared. After the 15th Danny and Brian to confirm if all checks have cleared and then transfer all funds. Cary’s suggestion: transfer now except $1,000. 00 to cover outstanding checks.

VII. Adjournment

•    Send meeting reminder two weeks prior to the meeting

•    Motion to adjourn, Cary; second, José, approved. Adjourned at 6:58 pm

Next meeting schedule

December 6, 2011, Tuesday, 6:00 pm, SJHS Media Center

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