2011-8 December

In attendance:

Leslie Muniz, Socorro Vigil, Patrick Vigil, Onofre Ramirez, Pat Nakashima, Barbara Peddy, Milt Peddy, Pat Mark, Jer Soriano, Rick Aning, Brian Russell, Cary Catching, Helen Garza, Mary Delacruz, Reiko Takao, José L. da Silva, Maria Barboza, Bill Kleidon, Christina Castro, and Brian Russell

I. Welcome and Introductions

Meeting called to order at 6:01 pm by President Brian Russell •    Introductions by all

II. Approval of Minutes

Motion to approve the minutes: Cary; second: Pat N., approved

III. Treasurer’s Report (Danny Garza)

Previous balance    $18,560.27*

Deposit (Big Bone Bash) 235.00

Balance as of Dec. 6, 2011  $18,795.27

•Foundation banking is done at Bank of the West, Saratoga Branch; however, deposits and any banking business may be done at any branch; no longer have bank fees.

*Difference in November balance to present “previous balance” due to Oct. fundraiser checks and cash deposited at a later date.

•Note: No support from Sam Liccardo, Xavier Campos, or City Clerk Dennis Hawkins (per Danny Garza)

•For next report suggest breakdown of account, i.e. income, fees, membership, etc. (Socorro) •    Motion to approve: Cary; second: José; approved

IV. Principal’s Report (Cary Catching)

•This semester is ending; finals begin next week, Dec. 14-16. Christmas break coming

•Finished CAHSEE

•End of the semester performance at the Mexican Heritage by the mariachi band, folkorico dance group, and drama class; $3.00 . . . tickets may be purchased at the door

•For the Spring semester: IB testing in May; CST in April, CAHSEE in March for 10th grade census

•Coming up March Madness—class competition inc. staff

•Little Bone game forfeited re: per league rules--those ejected cannot come on field; from video reviews only two players were eligible to play. Received no phone calls from parents; students understood the consequence and embarrassed by the “event.” Negative, personal comments received from outsiders resulted in students being sympathetic and personally supportive for brunt of offensive comments directed at principal

V. Old Business

•Membership Committee (Cary)

o Approx. 40+ sign ups at Big Bone Bash for those interested in Foundation and its activities

o To do “mass mailing” in January to inc. brochure, interest card, info for 150th celebration

•50th Planning Committee update (Reiko)

o Opening event to honor alumni of 1920s, 30s, and 40s; everyone invited

-at San Jose Country Club, luncheon, 1 pm, Sunday, January 13, 2013

-Plated lunch chicken Marsala/vegetarian approx. $25.35; ticket price to be determined

-Request $1500 deposit to SJ Country Club to confirm date; ticket sales to “repay” deposit to Foundation—motion to advance deposit: José; second: Pat; approved

o Other 150th events:  Parade (Rick Aning), golf tournament (Joe Jones), event honoring all alumni (Barbara Peddy), event honoring all staff (Katrina Sanchez), closing gala (Bill Kleidon)—to determine by January date and location/venue for early info mailing. ASB related activities by SJHS administration team if possible

VI. New business

•Raffle drawing of items donated by Bank of the West (Mary Delacruz); names from Big Bone Bash

o Cecilia Felan: teddy bears and sleigh; Juan Hernandez/Donna Peterson: gift card

o Mary will notify winners

•Teacher grants requesting funding (Cary)

o Russ Miyoshi, wrestling coach, re: expenses for wrestling team; $1283 for equipment for safety and uniforms.

-Have done fundraising

-Requesting $900 to defray costs for equipment and uniforms

-Discussion: in the past the Foundation has supported purchase of uniforms, i.e. football team. Funds to be used for equipment and uniforms, not tournament fees.

-Board recommends passing. Motion to award request for $900: Cary; second: Danny; approved

-Check to be made to SJHS Wrestling Team; Cary to deposit into their account

o Johnny Voltiere, Parent Engagement and Involvement at District level

-Supports students; last year took two SJHS student to visit Ivy League schools

-Requesting support for program for $1000 for two SJHS students

-Discussion: funds for travel not a goal/purpose of teacher grants. Foundation has not and does not provide travel funds

-Board recommends nonsupport re: does not fall into perimeters of Foundation goals and objectives

-Motion of nonsupport: Cary; second: José; approved nonsupport of request

•Other agenda items

o Christmas in the Park (Onofre)

-Concerned that SJHS did not have a tree; students need to be encouraged to participate.

-Unclear at the time re: City funds for Christmas in the Park; however, SJHS students/Key Club members volunteer at the event in various ways (Cary)

o Suggest take photos of Foundation events and invest in camera. (Onofre)

o Five Wounds Trail mural project in works as collaborative effort with students in SJHS Art Dept. , SJSU, surrounding community and City of San Jose (Reiko)

o Foundation can be a support for these community related projects and take the lead with our students (Cary)

o Bus routing/stops in SJHS neighborhood. (Danny)

-Bus stop at 24th and Santa Clara from VTA; bus station King and Alma Rock including Mexican Heritage and surrounding neighborhood.

-Local businesses will suffer re: loss of parking for customers, limits access to neighborhood businesses

-$128 million transportation project from Capitol Expressway to First Street from State and Federal funding.

-Danny encourages that this local community and students become involved in what it will look like and effect on the neighborhood

o SJ State University students will be in to inventory Heritage Room (Barbara)

o $6000 transportation for athletic teams divided according to size of team and need (Q: Onofre; A: Cary)

o School newspaper will be out at the beginning of the 2012 school year in January.

VII. Adjourn

•Motion to adjourn: Pat Vigil; second: Pat Nakashima, approved

•Adjourned at 6:50 pm

Next meeting: January 3, 2012, Tuesday, 6:00 pm

Following meetings will be

-February 7

-March 6

-April 3

-May 1

-June 5