2012-1 January

In attendance: Helen Garza, Mark Briggs, Patrick Vigil, Danny Garza, Leslie Muniz, Bill Kleidon, Barbara Peddy, Silvia Guzman, Christina Guzman, Katrina Sanchez, José da Silva, Rick Aning, Brian Russell, Rosemarie Domingo, and Reiko Takao

I. Welcome and Introductions

•    The meeting was called to order by President Brian Russell at 6:02 pm

II. Approval of Minutes

•    Motion was made by Danny to approve the minutes; seconded by Patrick, and passed

III. Treasurer’s Report (Danny Garza)

•    Suggestions for a more formal treasurer’s report

o Putting on Excel (Patrick)

o Ledger (Brian)

o Danny will input on a computer but will need help. In Milt’s absence, Barbara has graciously volunteered Milt to help.

•    As of December, 2011 the balance was $18,795.27, with two outstanding checks; however, Bank of the West shows a balance of $12,204.00. Danny has a deposit receipt.

•    Motion to approve with “corrections to come” (Patrick), second (Helen), approved

•    Corrected balance as of Wed., January 4, 2012

Balance, January 3, 2012:  $18,795.27

Outstanding checks: $1,500.00 (Deposit to SJ CC)  900.00 (Wrestling team)   -2,400.00

Deposit, January 4, 2012   +300.00

Balance, January 4, 2012:  $19,095.27

IV. Principal’s Report (Christina Castro)

•    Staff inservice held on Monday, January 2.

Agenda: Middle Years Programme update, Personal project, Diploma Programme extended essay, and Wellness program for follow up at a later staff development

•    Smooth start for beginning of the Spring semester

•    Thurs., January 5, all 10th graders will take ACT and career exploration with Gear Up support

•    Credit recovery classes in math, social studies, English, and science to begin this week

•    Each administrator will to meet with their grade level students for grade check, on track for graduation, etc.

•    Next week: Tuesdays, first of recruitment tours; Thursdays, student shadowing

•    Christmas in the Park: possible tie in with 150th celebration; Nancy Pereira, DP Coordinator, and David Haslet, art teacher, lead and organize for the coming year. Patrick suggests letting Foundation know if help is needed, i.e. materials, etc. and asks Nancy bring information for next mtg.

V. Old Business

•    Membership drive

o Have a student input email addresses from 2004 Alumni book (Patrick); most likely will need to be an adult to begin by putting in database. Rick will help; Helen and Bill will call if necessary to contact those. Caution: addresses maybe out of date; very few email addresses included.

o Suggest students be added (Helen); however, already on database which school has access.

o Leslie will call publisher of 2004 Alumni book and follow up with publisher. She will also investigate formatting from scanned pages. (May be able to be scanned and imported to a database.)

•    Committee reports

o 150th Celebration Planning Committee (Reiko)

-Will have more information after committee meets on Tues., Jan. 17.

-Plan to do “bulk e-mailing” to info re: 150th along with membership drive (Kent, PR for 150th)

-Suggest Jan. 13 luncheon begin at 12 noon with appetizers and social; plated lunch at 1 pm. Cost to break even $30/person. Not to just break even but can make some money (Patrick).

-Please inform Reiko of any 150th related events that will be happening and/or being planned to coordinate all events

•    City Council donations to Halloween dinner: Liccardo, Campos, etc. need city approval to pay/donate for the function; City Manager Figone only one who paid/donated. (Danny: “setting the record straight”)

VI. New business

-Most recent issue of The Hearld was distributed

-Scholarships for students: on February agenda (Mary)


o Patrick would like to get into museum for research for 150th celebration; Barbara has access

o Danny to talk w/ Cary directly re: athletic concerns, unrelated to Foundation

VII. Adjourn

-Motion to adjourn: Patrick; second: José; approved. Adjourned at 6:46 pm

Next meeting: February 7, Tuesday, 6:00 pm

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