2012-2 February

In attendance: Tim and Barbara Peddy, Socorro Vigil, Patrick Vigil, José da Silva, Cary Catching, Rick Aning, Helen Garza, Danny Garza, Onofre Rodriguez, Jr., Jer Soriano, Leslie Muniz, Silvia Guzman, Mary Delacruz, and Reiko Takao

I. Welcome and Introductions

•The meeting was called to order at 6:01 pm by Vice President Mary Delacurz

II. Approval of Minutes

•Corrections: In attendance: Christina Castro, not Christina Guzman; add Mary Delacruz

•Motion to approve: Cary; second: José, approved

III. Treasurer’s Report (Danny)

•Q re: previous statement of Foundation balance. The complete transaction was on Page 2 of the statement; no money was ever lost or mysteriously not deposited.

Note: $535 comment column “Reiko” was from the sale of watches, a donation, membership, etc. Motion to approve: Jose; second: Patrick; Treasurer’s report approved.

Nov. 14, 2011/Beginning balance:  $12,204.00

Nov. 22, 2011/Transfer from Bridge Bank:  deposit of $6,356.27

Dec. 6, 2011/Sale of watches, donation, membership:  deposit of 235.00

Jan. 4, 2012/Sale of watches, donation, membership:  deposit of 300.00

Feb. 6, 2012/Cary:  deposit of 75.00

Jan. 25, 2012/Wrestling team grant:  expense of  $900.00

Feb., 2012/Ending balance:  $18,270.27

IV. Principal’s Report (Cary)

•One-week vacation coming up beginning Feb. 20

•CAHSEE testing for juniors and seniors Feb. 7-8; March CAHSEE required for exit, sophomores.

•Teacher contract in negotiations; preliminary calendar shows school to begin the third week of August, out the first week of June. One week in October built in as vacation time, not a furlough

•High school principals met last week; to look creatively at “what would a school day look like to best meet the needs of our students”

Under consideration: flexible start and end time for students to go off campus and attend college classes. Presently mostly brainstorming re: need to check with teachers and parameters. For our students flexible start and end time are important for a variety of reasons, inc. responsibility of younger siblings, other family obligations. Possible early graduation in 3 years; internships. Most principals are open to do something different. Possible barriers: money, teacher contract which is a major concern, money was a “minor” issue. Note: High schools can only send 5% of students to colleges ahead of time, before graduation re: cuts in budgets resulting in fewer college class offerings, etc. which in turn limits accessibility for our students. District needs to reestablish connection with colleges.

•Q/A re: wrestling, unlike other sports has restrictions re: weight/hydration, certified at certain weight class. (Cary, Danny, Onofre)

V. Old Business

•By-laws (Cary)

o Most changes in the beginning, inc. name change to San Jose High School, no longer Academy. Major change was in membership for $25.00, but not voting privileges (Article V). Board Directors selected by Executive Board who are the officers. (Article VI). Note: Copy available upon request.

o Conflict of interest to be added by Cary at next meeting

o Motion to approve as is until the conflict of interest section is added: José; second: Danny; approved.

•Committee reports--150th Celebration (Reiko)

o Proposed to school Activities Coordinator that Bulldog Foundation and/or alumni may want to participate in March Madness with own act(s) or participate with the classes. Danny idea: upload on YouTube ; March Madness is very popular

o Golf Tournament (Joe Jones) will be in early August, possibly at San Jose Country Club

VI. New business

•Scholarships—Mary Dalacruz

o Raise money by selling iPod, iTouch, iPhone (Onofre). Check w/ students on what they would pay to purchase a raffle; advertise in Herald. Suggest an item for a student, ex. computer for college. Many scholarships are limited in what the money can be used for. (Cary). (Jose) Raise funds for students now, i.e. proms, IB tests, etc. An iTouch costs $499.


•SJHS prom has been held at the Summit Center, $12000 for rental; cut out dinner, had dessert to cut costs. Major finances come from fundraiser.

•Parents are planning Senior Grad Night this year.

•Range of IB tests $100-125 depending on test; different for students on “free and reduced lunch.”

o For next meeting: find price of items students would like. Mary to ask for donations.

Suggestion: buy from Foundation funds

o Patrick: motion to form a subcommittee to research and set parameters for financial support for IB testing; second: Cary; passed. Cary, José, and Rick along with Nancy Pereira, DP Coordinator will meet to propose policy. (Patrick can participate only if meetings are in the evening.)

•    Yei Tochtli Mitlalpilli, Aztec dance group—No show

VII. Adjourn

Motion to adjourn: Danny; second: Patrick; passed. Adjourned 7:10 pm

Next meeting schedule:

March 6

April 3

May 1

June 5