2012-3 March

In attendance: Patrick Vigil, Bob Lopez, Cary Catching, Jer Soriano, Rick Aning, Helen Garza, Barbara Peddy, Tim Peddy, Bill Kleidon, Christina Castro, José daSilva, Brian Russell, Silvia Guzman, Leslie Muniz, Danny Garza, and Reiko Takao

I. Welcome and Introductions

•Meeting called to order at 6:02 pm by President Brian Russell.

II. Approval of Minutes

•Motion to approve the minutes made by Patrick; second, José; motion passed.

III. Treasurer’s Report (Danny)

1.  Motion to approve the treasurer’s report: Patrick; second, José; approved

2.  Update on $900 grant to wrestling team for entry fees to tournaments:

•Took 3 seniors who went to section level and then to CCSC

•6-1 season

•Students never gave up, never pinned

•No injuries this year

Feb. 7:  beginning balance:    $18,270.27

Check to San Jose Country Club re: deposit for Jan. 13, 2013 luncheon:  $1,500.00

Check to IRS re: non profit filing fee:  400.00

Ending balance:   $16,370.27

IV. Principal’s Report (Cary)

1. At last Thursday’s Board mtg. the instructional calendar was approved; will be up on the school website tomorrow, March 7.

•School opens on Wed., August 15; Monday and Tuesday are staff development/in service days

•School ends on Thurs., June 6; June 7th is in-service day

•6-8 instructional weeks, then a week off. Will again have week off in October, a non-furlough week.

•Late Christmas vacation, Dec. 21; return to school on January 7

•Still have Winter Break in Feb. and Spring Break, second week in April

2.  CAHSEE begins next week., English and Math for all 10th graders

3.  This Friday is March Madness, 6-8:30 pm; class competition. The staff also participating, doing a rap.

4.    IB testing, 2 weeks in early May

5.    SJHS has two distinctive IB programs: MYP for 9th and 10th graders and DP for 11th and 12th graders. SJHS is applying for the IB Career Certificate which along w/ Project Lead the Way (PLTW) will enhance a student’s ability to enroll in a college or university STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) strand.

6.    Cary applied for and was awarded a $20,000 District grant, highest amount awarded, for increasing enrollment in advanced classes. Source of the funds was District monies that were not allocated.

7.    This weekend, Saturday-Sunday, Azteca group celebrating Mexican new year will be at SJHS on the sports field and senior lawn. SJHS mariachi will be performing on Sunday at 4 pm.

V. Old Business

1.    By-laws: Conflict of interest addition—José

•Previously approved, to be part of the by laws

•Sent in for approval of non profit status to IRS, fee paid.

•Name change to San Jose High Bulldog Foundation, not SJH Academy

2.    IB “scholarship/support” Committee—Cary and José

•José, Patrick, Brian, Rick, and Cary met with the IB coordinator, Nancy Pereira, to discuss how the Foundation could support the IB diploma students; decision: help with payment of IB test fees.

•A Foundation cause: ongoing support payment of IB test fees

•The proposal: allocate funds for next year’s examination fees as part of the Bulldog Foundation budget

•Information re: fees:

-Registration cast for full diploma candidates: $145 for each year (junior and senior yeas); additional $100 for each test

-Low income students on “free and reduced lunch” program: $10 registration fee, $5 per test. Approx. 90% of students are in this category, defined as a family of 4 on $22,000/yr.

-$70, 000 approx. cost of the schools portion for IB testing this year; paid by November

-Opens opportunities for ALL students

•Suggest setting up a separate account for IB funds (Patrick)

•Need to inform parents of fund availability and access (Helen)

•Motion: Allocate $5,000 to support IB each September (Patrick; second, Danny)

-Discussion: Separate account be a CD, presently may be low interest rate (Patrick)

-Amendment to motion: allocate $6,000 into the account so the account never closes when $5,000 is distributed each September -Motion, second, and passed.

-Patrick to check w/ Mary re: Bank of West account

3.    150th Celebration Planning Committee—Reiko

•Suggested additional event: Rock ‘n Roll Half marathon

o Maintain a water station

o SJHS mariachi band perform along the route

o Organize a walking/running team. (Cary challenges everyone to participate)

•Working with Kent on letter asking for donations

•Logo for 150th celebration. Contacted alumni but no response yet. Barbara will bring in t-shirt design created by an alumnus

4.    Fundraiser (raffle?)—Mary

•$600 approx. for iPad

•Tabled for next mtg. for Mary Delacruz

VI. New business

1. IB will take minutes, make copies, etc. for CAS hours

2.    Plaque presented for Heritage Room

3.    Suggestions for fundraisers:

•Charge admission to attend athletic events. According to BVL rules, cannot charge admission but can do a donation; can charge for only football, volleyball and basketball

•Power Cards for Dave and Busters. Sell for $20 profit of $10. Power Cards for games only, not food. Patrick will check into this and get additional information. Nothing out of Foundation budget

•Flea Market at SJHS

4. Miscellaneous

•PTA now organized; teacher, primarily works toward student scholarships and teacher grants

•Boosters to support athletics and music . . . pays for referees which can run as high as $38,000 per school year

•Suggest the last meeting, June 5, be a retreat to plan for the new school year (Cary)

VII. Adjourn

Motion to adjourn: Patrick; second, Cary, passed. Adjourned at 7:03 pm

Next meeting: April 3