2012-4 April

In attendance: José da Silva, Barbara Peddy, Tim Peddy, Pat Nakashima, Christina Castro, Rick Aning, Yolanda Guerra, Cary Catching, Danny Garza, Sofia Abad, Helen Garza, Pat Mark, Mark Briggs, and Reiko Takao

I. Welcome and Introductions

•Meeting called to order by VP Mary Delacruz, 6:05 pm.

II. Approval of Minutes

•Cary, motion to approve minutes; Danny, second; approved

III. Treasurer’s Report (Danny Garza)

March 7:      Beginning balance:    $16,370.27

March 29:    Check: Perfect Time:  $329.91

March 30:    Transfer re: IB testing fees (Separate account opened, 3 April, 2012):   6,000.00

Ending balance:    $10,040.36

•Opened a new no fees account at Bank of the West for IB testing fees.

•Written account, running ledger, and bank statement available

•Motion to approve, Cary; second, Pat; Treasurer’s report approved

IV. Principal’s Report (Cary Catching)

•Spring break beginning on Sat., April 7. Cary and Jer will accompany students back East (New York, Washington, D.C., etc.) during Spring break; leave early Saturday morning. Norm Mineta has made it possible for the group to visit the Capitol.

•April 23, all 9th 10th, and 11th grade students will begin taking the standardized tests

•May is the beginning of IB testing for 11th and 12 grade students; 64 full IB diploma candidates who will test in all subjects. Administering over 300 IB tests

•Finals begin the last week in May . . . 31th of May is last day of school

•Spring is a very busy time, i.e. Portuguese Dinner, Sr. Awards Night, other end of year awards and events

V. Old Business

•Fundraiser (Mary Delacruz)

o Purpose: fundraiser for students

o Looking for donation of iPod and/or iPad to raffle but unsuccessful at this time. Now plan to incorporate the raffle idea with a luau.

o Contact person will do a hula performance for $450 + a live band would be $600. April 22 and May now open

o Barbara has a contact w/ an older group that will also perform Hawaiian theme dances, inc. a band. May charge less, very good performances

o Consensus is that this school year is too late to plan, organize, etc. a successful luau. Cary suggests beginning of next school year, i.e. September. We will have more time to plan, sell tickets, etc.

o Yolanda has contact with the Polynesian Society and perhaps get a donation of tickets to Hawaii!

o Committee members: Danny, Pat, Barbara, Yolanda, Cary and Mr. Catching; all members to help in organizing, selling tickets, etc.

•150th Celebration Planning Committee (Reiko)

o Golf tournament now set for Monday, August 5, at the Coyote Creek Golf Course

o There now is a link from school website to Bulldog Foundation which lists planned events for the 150th celebration

o Alumni are invited to make presentations to the students to reflect on their high school experiences so our present students appreciate the richness of SJHS history . . . a bulldog forever! (Cary) Yolanda suggests creating a video tape of the presentations. Our first volunteer is Pat Mark

VI. New business

•Request for funding support: Cheerleading Team

o SJHS cheerleading squad qualified to compete nationally in Anaheim, weekend of Spring break.

o 12 students will be participating; team will pay own hotel costs and travel (rented car) . . . earned money by fundraising, i.e. e-Waste but will not know amount earned for another 2-3 weeks. Also have some funds in ASB account

o Request registration fee for national competition: $115/student x 12 = $1,380.

o Recommend: paying half the registration fee = $690.

o Motion to approve, Jose; second, Pat: approved

o Check made out to ASB Cheerleading Squad to deposit in ASB account and use accordingly, i.e. reimbursement, direct partial payment, etc.

o Suggest bringing in photos and report back to Foundation re: experience

•Create mailing list of alumni . . . update brochure, i.e. add IB testing fees support and other activities.

VII. Adjourn

•Motion to adjourn, Cary; second, José; approved.

Adjourned at 6:40 pm . . . Spring concert at Mexican Heritage at 7 pm tonight

Next meeting:   June 5 proposed as a retreat