2012-6 June

I. Welcome and Introductions

1.    Meeting called to order by President Brian Russell, 10:04 a.m.

2.    Welcome to Maria Sabin-Halonen, Special Education teacher, SJHS, and Sal Martinico, Social Studies teacher, SJHS

II. Approval of Minutes

•Motion to approve, Kent; second, Patrick; approved

III. Treasurer’s Report

•Tabled for next meeting due to Danny’s absence

IV. Principal’s Report (Cary Catching)

1.    “School’s over.”

2.    No problems at graduation; all went smoothly

3.    Summer school at SJHS started Monday, June 4. Two hundred twenty students in attendance; accelerated and credit recovery classes offered with emphasis on Math, Science, English, and PE

V. Old Business

1. Fundraisers

    a.  Luau—Barbara, move to 2012-2013 fundraising plan below

    b.  Dave and Busters Power card (Patrick Vigil)

         i.    None sold

         ii.    Process: sign up buyers, then Patrick will get cards which in turn the seller can give to the buyer. Turn around time is too long

         iii.    Can be used as gifts for Christmas, birthdays, etc..

         iv.    For games only at arcade.

          v.    Suggest having cards on hand; maybe w/ school bank (Susie)

2.    150th Celebration Planning Committee

       a.    Request approval for printing costs


Item:  150th celebration commemorative pins

Quantity:  500

Cost:  $1.49 each for a total of $745.00

Item:   Foundation brochures

Quantity:  500

Cost:  193.96

Item:   150th Anniversary letterhead

Quantity:  500

Cost:  114.31

Item:  150th Anniversary envelopes

Quantity:  500

Cost:  198.00

Item:  Office Depot Brand 30% recycled very right white laser paper, 8.5x22, 24 lb,

Quantity:  500 sheets/ream/10 reams

Cost:  $8.99/rm/total=89.90

Total:  $1,341.17**

c.    Motion to approve, Kent; Cary, second; motion approved

d.    Have printing company invoice Foundation directly

e.    Postage: can use school’s bulk mailing, most will be sent online as attachments, or hand carried. Do not include Bulldog Foundation brochure

f.    Corrections made; to present to 150th Celebration Planning Committee for final approval

3.   Parade/picnic now Moveable Feast (Rick and Barbara)

      a.    Open house to be included

      b.    Further discussion at 150th Celebration Planning Committee mtg.

VI. New business

1.    Review of official Bulldog Foundation by laws: Clarification (Brian)

       a.    Board members vs members; who votes? (Leslie) Suggest having a card in front of Board members to acknowledge for voting purposes (Pat)

       b.    Suggest sign in sheet to include check off column for: Board of Directors, member, or Officers (Cary)

       c.    Board of Directors are the 19 who presently attend on a regular basis and have paid $25 membership fee (Cary). When the membership increases to more than 19, the Board selects nominees to become Board members. The Board also nominates officers for election.

       d.    Members are those who pay $25 membership fee, no voting privileges. (Some have paid $250 for the last two years prior to the change in policy; these are “life time members.”)

       e.    Keep accurate list of paid members ($25 memberhip)

       f.    Present Board members are:

•Mary Delacruz, Mark Briggs, Brian Russell, Bill Kleidon, Pat Nakashima, Leslie, Barbara Peddy, Tim Peddy, Maria Sabin-Halonen, Rick Aning, Patrick Vigil, Socorro Vigil, Reiko Takao, Pat Mark, Helen Garza, Danny Garza, and Jose DaSilva

2.    Nomination/election of officers

       a.    Motion to approve nominees from mtg. held on May 1 (refer to minutes); Leslie, second; nominations approved

       b.    Effective July 1 the new slate of officers are:

President: Patrick Vigil

Vice President: Tim Peddy

Secretary: Mary Delacruz

Treasurer: Danny Garza

3.    Fundraising for 2012-2013

       a.   Luau, May 2013—Barbara and Mary

             i.    Hula dancers are senior citizens (15-16 dancer); 8 muscians, 1 hr. program, $100 fee

             ii.    At school in gym?

       b.   J. Lohr wine tasting, September 2012—Patrick

             i.    Must keep to max. number allowed, no more

             ii.    Sit down as option

       c.   Raffle ASB card and yearbook—Patrick and Jer

             i.    $5 per ticket? $1/ticket is more affordable.

             ii.    Foundation will purchase ASB card and yearbook to raffle off

             iii.    Suggest selling of tickets August 15-31; drawing in September

             iv.    Motion to approve, Barbara; second, Pat; approved

             v. Cost $95 (ASB card, $40; yearbook, $55. Do during first period classes, create flyer to teachers . . . $5 for 6 tickets

         d.  Horseracing at Golden Gate Fields

         e.  Bowling-Mary

              Suggests November 23rd

         f.   Bocce Ball, June 2013

              i.  at St. Francis Cabrini Church

              ii.  Rent for bocce ball is $5/person, food provided

             iii.    No max. as people can go in/out

VII. Adjourn

•Motion to adjourn, Pat; second, Patrick; approved. Adjourned 11:46 pm