2012-7 September

Bulldog Foundation Meeting – September 4, 2012 Minutes

In attendance:  Barbara Peddy, Milt Peddy, Rick Aning, Bill Kleidon, José da Silva, Reiko Takao, Maria Sabin-Halonen, Christina Castro, Sofia Guzman, Patrick Vigil, Socorro Vigil, Pat Marks, Leslie Muniz, Pat Nakashima,  Jocelyne Navarro, Clarisse Mae Coll , Sky  Bautista [last 3 young ladies are students at SJHS who took notes during meeting. Secretary will use their notes to help compile minutes of meetings.]

Meeting brought to order at 6:18 p.m. by President Patrick Vigil.

Review of which people on the board are voting members. Maria Sabin-Halonen is a voting member because she paid her dues. Only those members who are on the board are allowed to vote during meetings (above-names in bold are voting members).

Minutes from last meeting approved.

No formal treasurer’s report as Danny Garza has resigned his position.  However, President Patrick announced that $5,000 had been moved from the IB account (under Bulldog Foundation) to the Bulldog Foundation checking account so that that amount could be given to the school. With this money, 23 students will be able to request help in paying for IB tests. Approximately 100 students will be taking IB tests this school year. This money is only to pay for a portion of testing per student need/request.

The account still has about 1,000,00 and since there is fundraising coming up, the money in the account can hopefully be replenished.

Principal’s report – Mrs. Catching was not present, so Christina Castro gave the report:

Classes have been balanced; smooth opening for school.

Open House on Thursday (Sept. 6); Bulldog Foundation will have table set up in A Hall.

Committee reports

1.    150th Celebration – Reiko

Reiko said that about one thousand letters were sent out to solicit donations. Kent Goodman and Maria will be meeting with Reiko to continue working on getting donations.  During the summer, Kent, Pat and Reiko went wine tasting in the Gilroy area. They were able to distribute some of the donation requests and got a nice donation from Fortino Winery.  Reiko reminded members that items are needed for raffle and door prizes throughout the coming year during the several events that are planned for the 150th celebration. Reiko has made posters. Kent Goodman has posted/will post events in the Mercury-News.  Mrs. Catching is working on getting a banner donated for the 150th.

Reiko distributed tickets for the kick-off brunch at San Jose Country Club. Capacity at the country club is 200, so seating is somewhat limited.

2.    Luau Committee – Barbara

Committee members attended a performance by group from Cupertino Senior Center; this group will perform for $100/hour. Group includes at least 10 dancers and 6 or 7 musicians (ukulele, guitar, and keyboard?)

Committee will be meeting before the next 150th Celebration meeting (Sept. 18).

3.    Parade – Rick

Still working on getting permits for parade. Requested $313 for street closure; $313 for parade permit. The motion passed. Rick is also working on signage through Dept. of Transportation.  Parade scheduled to start at 10:30 am; preparation at 7:30 am.

 4.    Rock and Roll Half Marathon – Virginia (absent); Reiko gave update

This year’s event is on Sunday, October 7.  25 to 30 volunteers needed to man a water station; need to arrive at 6 am because traffic/parking gets to be a problem later in the morning.

5.    Wine Tasting at J. Lohr – Patrick

Friday, September 28 is date of wine tasting. Charge will be $35.

Last year’s event brought in $2,400. There was a discussion about how many platters of appetizers to order for event.  Last year, we ran out (1 $30.00 and 1 $35.00).  If we do 3 platters: 2 $30.00 and 1 $40.00, it should be enough.  Raffle tickets for the Ipad can also be sold at this event and the Big Bone Bash.

Old business

1.    Patrick had various people at meeting pull tickets for the fund-raiser held at the beginning of school with an ASB card, Xbox and Yearbook as prizes. Cost of cards = $215; approximately $97 brought in. The following numbers were winners:

965051 = Xbox and ASB card

965058 = ASB card

965015 = ASB card

965006 = ASB card and Yearbook

Susie (Bank) donated 2 more ASB cards, so additional winners were= 965009 and 965002.

Winners will be announced during the morning announcements.  Prizes can be picked up in the bank from Susie Quintero.

2.    Fun day/Color Day event – Bill Kleidon

Date: Saturday, September 22 – from 11 am. to 7 pm and will be held on campus. Bill handed out flyers for board members. This event is free for all the kids in the SJHS community. Besides a car show and music, there will be other vendors, a tamale contest, salsa dancing and a kids’ zone for children to play games.  All money earned at this event will be given to the 150th Celebration.

 New business/information

1.    Patrick said that Library World has donated an iPad that can be raffled off – suggests doing this at Big Bone Bash (Nov.); $10 per ticket.

2.    The Heritage Room – Patrick would like this to be open during the year so that public can visit. Suggested perhaps one Saturday each month is possible.

3.    Election of treasurer, secretary

Socorro Vigil was nominated for treasurer; she accepted nomination. Board voted to elect her.

Pat Nakashima nominated for secretary; accepted nomination. Board voted to elect her.

4.    Other new events that are possible are a trip to Golden Gate Fields, Bocce ball, turkey bowling.


1.    Patrick reminded members that Bulldog Foundation cannot endorse any political candidates.

2.    Reiko handed out an application for those interested in becoming advisors for IB/MYB sophomores who must do a Personal Project (due in May).

Meeting adjourned at 7:13 p.m.

 Submitted by Pat Nakashima, Secretary

(With thanks to Jocelyne, Sky, and Clarisse!)