2013-10 September

San José High Bulldog Foundation



Meeting Date:  September 3, 2013

Location: San Jose High School Media Center, San Jose, CA


Quorum  Achieved   Yes __X__ No____

* Lifetime members


I.  Call to order

Milt Peddy, President pro tem, called the meeting to order at 6:00 pm


II. Approval of July 9, 2013 minutes

Approval of the July meeting minutes was shelved pending correction to the number of Board members, and correction of the description of the yearbook planned for the Gala. Correct description is:  hard-cover, bound “year-book”.


Approval of minutes for the August 29, 2013 special meeting was shelved pending correction to the number of Board members.


III. Treasures Report

Virginia Panlasigui, Treasurer, reported the balance in checking account to date is  $8,805.83, not including checks to be deposited in the amount of $1,692.00.

In conjunction with the Treasurer’s report Socorro reported that a check in the amount of $100.00 from Bill Kleidon was deposited in May, 2013.


Reiko raised a question about using the Square for sales and how information needed for Gala orders could be retrieved. Cary suggested that Square sales continue to be recorded on the sales forms.


Virginia raised a question about the SAP matching grants for time or money donations made by SAP employees. Her donations so far have totaled 186 hours, and checks have been mailed to the school: $320 for Music Dept., $880 TBD. Cary will verify receipt and report.


Virginia said she will be submitting additional volunteer hours and asked where the money can go, considering our 501c3 status.  Cary suggested music scholarships. Details to be determined in offline discussions.

V. Secretary's Report – No report

VI. Principals Report

Principal Catching reported that the school year has started and that enrollment is up from last year.  Upcoming events: Football scrimmage and jamboree including several high schools from the area; Opening game is Friday, Sept. 6.


A committee from the Williams Act will visit the school to make sure all students who are eligible can enroll in the IB Program.  So far there are 90 Senior candidates, 80 Juniors, and 28 IB certified.


Cary will contact the District Office regarding liability insurance for the parade on Sept. 21.


VII Committee Reports

150th committee:  Reiko announced that SJ Mercury columnist, Sal Pizzaro, will mention the parade in his Friday column.


Parade organizers need volunteers to help make decorations. Work schedule is on-line.


The October 11th event for staff (current and retired) will be held at SJHS Senior lawn at 3:00 p.m.  The Heritage Room will be open for tours. Charge to attend the event is $25.00 per person.


The closing Gala ticket sales are shown on the Treasurer’s report.


Marketing Committee:  Chairman Christina Castro announced that Reiko Takao and Yolanda Guerra are members of the marketing committee.  They plan to meet with the District PR person for ideas on how to develop educational topics that will appeal to a younger audience.


Parade Committee:  Rick Aning stated that 27 volunteers are needed for the on the day of the parade to monitor street closures.


Virginia Panlasigui stated there will be no band at the SJHS Rock & Roll Half Marathon.


VIII. President’s Report (presented by Tim Peddy, President pro-tem)


The discussion on the By-Laws revision is tabled until further notice.


A committee will meet with the representative from the DoubleTree Hotel tomorrow, Wednesday, Sept. 4, 2013 to discuss the terms of the Gala contract.


Director’s and Officer’s liability insurance:  quote was $420/year; however, the Foundation must have non-profit status before it can be written.  Completion of the 1023 form is in process.


Pat Mark asked if the Foundation would be subject to IRS penalty fees. Tim will consult with the accountant on this question.


Virginia stated she had consulted with an insurance agent who suggested the Foundation could buy one-time event insurance.  Cary again stated she would follow up with the District about insurance. The Walk-a-thon is not an issue (releases were signed).


IX. Old Business

Membership is 15-20. Kent Goodman has master list.  Pat Nakashima volunteered to be Membership Chairman.  Pat Vigil stated Membership Chair position should be added to By-Laws list of offices.


X. New Business

Tim Peddy stated that he will not ascend to the President’s office, but will stay on as President pro-tem until a new President can be elected.


Socorro Vigil stated she was approached by people from the District office regarding the status of the Foundation.  She referred them to Tim.


Motion to adjourn was approved and meeting adjourned at 7:10 p.m.


Next meeting:  October 1. 2013, at 6:00 p.m. at the San Jose High School Media Center.