2013-2 February

 Bulldog Foundation Meeting – February 5, 2013

Members present:  President Patrick Vigil, Vice President Milt Peddy, Reiko Takao, Principal Cary Catching, Christina Castro, Maria Sabin-Halonen, Helen Garza, Silvia Guzman, Jer Soriano, Pat Mark, Rick Aning, Virginia Panlasigui.

Meeting called to order at 6:00 by Vice President Milt Peddy in absence of President Patrick Vigil at beginning of meeting.

Minutes –Motion passed to approve minutes.

Information regarding membership, previous minutes, etc. – All information was handed over to previous secretary (Mary de la Cruz). Current secretary does not have that information. Membership list/contacts list is with Lorraine Winings. At present time, no one person is in charge of receiving cards that interested people fill out.

The latest letterhead correctly shows the current members of Bulldog Foundation board. Those members are the only voting members.

Information regarding tax ID was given to Socorro. The deadline for getting 501(c) (3) designation is this month (February). If the deadline is missed, Foundation will have to re-apply for this designation. Process was halted due to not being able to pay someone to see process through to the end. Draft of application for tax ID to be done within the next week or two. Possibly to be included would be an annual report and membership application. There will be no meeting or vote on this process.

Discussion about points to be clarified: who answers e-mails to Foundation? Maybe there should be a new e-mail address for answering messages to Foundation.  Membership drive: there should be a “point person” to answer these messages; that person should be a current Board member. Committee gave a report and provided draft samples of a letter and solicited feedback from board members in attendance.

New business –

Motion to approve $2,500 for IB expenses. Silvia Guzman moved, Milt Peddy seconded; passed.

Financial report from Luncheon

Discussion about separating accounts – e.g. raffle profits to IB account, all other income to Foundation general fund


Old business –

Bocci ball – Cary says that a committee can plan this activity for fund raising. She has all necessary information.

Luau – Helen Garza distributed tickets (printed by Milt Peddy); Adults - $10; children (7 and under) - $5; under 7 – free. Portuguese, Pacific Islanders and Filipino Clubs will also provide dancers along with the group from Cupertino Senior Center.

Meeting adjourned at 6:46 p.m.

Submitted by Pat Nakashima, Secretary

Many thanks to Sky Bautista and Clarisse Mae Coll for their notes!