2013-3 March

San José High Bulldog Foundation – March 5, 2013

Present:  President Patrick Vigil, Vice President Milt Peddy, Secretary Pat Nakashima, Helen Garza, Barbara Peddy, Reiko Takao, Rick Aning, Jer Soriano, Cary Catching, Pat Mark, Maria Sabin-Halonen, José da Silva, Christina Castro, Danny Garza.

Called to order at 6:04 p.m.

Minutes – move to approve amended minutes by Cary, Barbara seconded; passed. 

Regarding tax ID application, Milt Peddy has a contact – Mervin Roberts (CPA) – who might be willing to help us with moving this forward.

Reiko asked about reimbursement for luncheon. Patrick said he will ask Socorro about it.

Principal’s report – Cary gave a report about the incident that occurred at school a few weeks ago. Cary underscored the safety of the school and that the police did not feel that a lock-down would be necessary.

150th committee – Reiko requested additional ink for printer. Cary said that it might be cheaper to go through Office Max. Reiko will follow up on this; cancelled request.

Spring concert – Evite has been sent out; tickets printed.

Golf tournament – Joe will be at next 150th meeting.

Final gala – Bill Kleidon in agreement for plans for a sit-down dinner in combination with the annual Big Bone Bash.  Doubletree Hotel is the venue we are looking at and they are willing to work with us. Date is November 27, the day before Thanksgiving. Once we confirm with the Doubletree, we will get more publicity out.

Reiko also said that she got back a response from the White House to an e-mail that she had sent out months ago. They asked for more information. Dayna Racho is working on the Twitter side.

Virginia Panlasigui and Dennis Akizuki (alums) gave a presentation to the journalism class. Josie Lepe (also former alum) will be taking photos of students for a story for the Mercury News.

Fundraisers – Patrick reported about his attending the 150th meeting, asking for feedback about a possible luncheon with information to draw membership. Some suggested topics included AARP, healthcare issues.  Following up on this, Cary mentioned the idea of having a visit to the Heritage Room during the day (appealing to the retired set), offer a speaker for attendees along with possible lunch/snack (a lecture series).

Patrick asked about selling the Bulldog hats again. Cary suggested selling at March Madness. Other events offer opportunity for sales as well. Milt Peddy moved, Pat Mark seconded ordering 500 more bulldog hats. Motion passed. Reiko also requested $479.04 for payment of 24 baseball caps to be sold at future events. 24 is the minimum number needed for ordering. Three have been ordered and paid for; the three people who ordered are willing to wait for delivery of the caps. Decision to purchase should be made at next board meeting.

Luau – Barbara reported on this event. She asked for more volunteers to help that day – March 23. Dancers have visited school to see venue. She asked for any money for tickets already sold. Money was given to Maria. If all tickets are sold, there could be a profit of about $500.

Heritage Room – Barbara passed around a sheet about the room.

Membership drive – Pat Mark passed out 2 forms for membership drive – one for individuals, one for corporation/businesses to see what the Bulldog Foundation offers. Copies of the information sheet and follow-up letter were handed out as well. Board looked at the forms for individual and corporation and offered suggestions for change. Pat would like any changes to be submitted to him by Tuesday next week so that the forms can be distributed.

Christina announced a career fair on May 20. She asked for any volunteers who might be able to come to speak to students about their career/occupation. She passed out a hand-out to attendees.

Danny Garza announced VTA’s intent to build a bus stop near SJHS. Danny and his group presented the suggestion that the stop reflect the neighborhood, recognition of the 150th anniversary, and possibly space to display student work.

Reiko reminded Patrick that Mary De la Cruz gave him all the secretary’s notes and that he should be turning that over to Pat Nakashima.

Motion made by José, seconded by Jer. Meeting adjourned at 7:22 p.m.

Submitted by Patricia Nakashima, Secretary