2013-4 April

Bulldog Foundation Board meeting – April 2, 2013

Present: Rick Aning, Brian Russell, Sylvia Guzman, Maria Sabin-Halonen, Helen Garza, Milt & Barbara Peddy, Reiko Takao, Pat Nakashima, Danny Garza, José da Silva, Christina Castro, Patrick Vigil, Bill Kleidon, Pat Mark, Jer Soriano, Yolanda Guerra, Leslie Muniz, Armidia Castillo (class of ’55).

Meeting called to order by President Patrick Vigil at 6:04 p.m.

Minutes – Pat Nakashima sent minutes out to board members last month. She will re-send and ask for board approval.

Treasurer’s report: Christina moved, Milt seconded approval of treasurer’s report. Passed.

Principal’s report – Cary not present; Christina presented. On-line scheduling done for next year. MYP visit last week. CST testing begins after vacation. Should finish by beginning of May; IB testing begins after CST testing. Sylvia Guzman also spoke about scheduling for next year.

Alumni – Bill gave his check for the “first” ticket for the closing gala.

Committees – 150th – Reiko gave updates on the coming events: gala dinner, October half-marathon, parade, drama production, clothing orders. She has printed out 200 tickets right now, along with some flyers and an invitation that could be handed out to the public. There were questions about the set-up costs of merchandise, especially the baseball caps. Deadline for the first order was the end of March. Decision about purchase of 24 hats for $479.04 not made at this meeting as had been requested. Reiko will place order for t-shirts and sweatshirts. Painting of the electrical box near the school – cost is $250. City does not provide any supplies. Christina told board that Josie Lepe will be following students to do a series of articles in the San Jose Mercury.

Luau – Barbara reported $410.81 profit from the luau. Program was very successful.

Membership committee – Pat Mark     Flyers and applications were sent out – mostly to classes of ’56 through ‘59. He gave copies of membership paid to Pat Nakashima. Pat Mark moved that these new members be given membership for the following year, Milt seconded. Motion passed. Pat M. passed out copies of the letters which were sent out. He also said that a copy of the by-laws should be sent to new members. Discussion about mailing the by-laws – consensus was that putting the by-laws on the website should be sufficient. Patrick also indicated that the tax ID number should not be included with mailings because it is the school’s ID number. Pat Mark passed out a flyer with possible topics for seminars. He has contacted speakers for all of the topics or has contacts for speakers. Pat also broached the subject of having three of the mayoral candidates present a forum. Discussion about what the mission of Bulldog Foundation is. Rick read the mission statement from the by-laws. José reminded the board that there can be no political preference indicated by a non-profit group. Danny moved that the board support the concept of presenting seminars; Leslie seconded. Motion passed with one vote opposed and one abstention. Pat Mark said that he would like to request $1,000 for supplies for the membership committee (stationery and refreshments). Discussion about break-down of this request. Pat will work on a more detailed request for a future meeting.

Non-profit status – Milt said that he gathered all the information needed and will be taking it to the CPA who is going to work on this for us.

New business:

Closing gala – Pat Nakashima requested $6,652.50 as initial deposit to the Doubletree Hotel for the closing dinner gala. She also indicated that there is a fee schedule that Jenny Andrade-Cristales (working with Glen Ishiwata and Pat Nakashima as co-chairs) has written into the contract with the hotel. Because the current budget does not allow that amount to be drawn, Pat has been directed to contact the hotel to see if the initial amount could be lowered and the next two payments be increased to offset the difference. José moved that the board authorize spending up to the $6,652.50 or a lesser amount if it can be negotiated. Yolanda seconded. Motion passed.


Danny brought the proclamation from the city which still needs the city seal.


Danny moved, Yolanda seconded; meeting adjourned at 8:05  p.m.


Minutes submitted by Pat Nakashima, Secretary