2013-5 May

Bulldog Foundation Board Meeting – May 7, 2013

Quorum needed:  10 board members

Call to order: Milt Peddy called meeting to order at 6:02 p.m.

Approval of minutes: for both March and April, Pat Mark moved; Brian seconded. Minutes approved.

Treasurer’s report: absent

Update on tax-free status: Milt

Current Foundation start date is December 10, 2010. IRS 1023 form not correctly filed since that start date. Tax return must be filed for 21 days in 2010, 2011, 2012 (due this month, tax extension is being filed for us by Roberts Accountancy). Before we can re-file, we need to: establish a complete and accurate legal accounting system; be computerized using Quicken or similar system; have an independent bookkeeper input all our income/expenses since start date. Roberts Accountancy will assist in training a qualified individual for the bookkeeper position. Discussion about next steps. Cary suggested that, in the future, records be kept at San Jose High School.


President: Pat Mark nominated by Barbara Peddy, Jose seconded.

Vice President: Milt Peddy nominated by Cary, Brian seconded.

Secretary: Armi Costello nominated by Pat Mark, seconded by Cary.

Treasurer: Virginia Panlasigui nominated by Pat Mark, seconded by Christina.  (All candidates accepted nominations.)

Brian reminded board that officers must be board members. Election will be held next month.

Old business:  Reiko

Spring Concert – Virginia Panlasigui will give final report next month. Reiko said that many "new faces" were at the concert and reception.

                                    June 15 (Saturday) - dedication of historical marker

                                    Golf Tournament - July 29  Golfers, tee hole sponsors and donations still needed.

                                    Parade/BBQ and Open House - Sept. 23 tri-tip dinner for $7

                                    September 6 - Honoring staff  (May change date because caterer not available until October)

                                    October - Rock and Roll Half Marathon - people must register through their website

                                    Gala Dinner – November 27 at DoubleTree

                   Order for baseball caps:  discussion. Decision to not place order at this time. Bulldog hats must be picked up at port of Oakland. Reiko sent information to board.

Pat Mark asked about how to track checks for membership. Secretary will receive the application forms and send acknowledgment letters. Barbara and Milt Peddy have offered to print cards to give to new members.

Pat Mark's question:  what happens after this year? The 150th Celebration is our focus this year. Discussion: Cary suggested a retreat-type meeting to discuss this more in depth. We need to produce an action plan for the Foundation. Cary also mentioned that she has received a grant to help pay for students who take the standard level tests for IB. Brian suggested limiting the number of our events and doing a good job on each one. Cary said that we need to have a signature event that we will become recognized for, that becomes associated with Foundation.

Armi suggested getting more people at our next meeting. Board members were encouraged to invite interested people to the next meeting. June 4 is our annual meeting this year. Cary offered her home for the retreat.

Adjournment: Motion made by Pat Mark, seconded by Rick. Meeting adjourned at 6:51 p.m.


Notes submitted by Patricia Nakashima, Secretary