2013-8 July

I.  Call to order

The meeting was called to order by Patrick Mark, President, at 2:30 P.M


II. Welcome

Patrick Mark thanked our hosts, Cary and Steve Catching for offering their home for this retreat/meeting


III. Approval of June 7, 2013 minutes

The June meeting minutes were approved with the exception of the motion to reduce the number of Board members from 19 to 11.  The motion, which was passed at the meeting, will be re-addressed at a later time.


IV. Treasurer's Report

Virginia Panlasigui, Treasurer, reported that all previous bank accounts had been consolidated.

Balance in the account to date is $9727.92.


An additional payment of $900.00 to the Music Dept. was approved.


A motion was made to generate a petty cash fund for expenses up to $250.00 aggregate expenses. After discussion, the motion was withdrawn.  Likewise, an “emergency” fund was not approved.


In conjunction with the Treasurer’s report, Pat Mark announced the following changes in financial processes:


a.  All requests for funds must be made on a Request for Funds form and require two signatures for approval


b. All contracts must be brought before the Board before they are finalized

V. Secretary's Report – No report

VI. Principal's Report – No report

 VII. Committee Reports

Reiko Takao provided the following report on the 150th activities.

a. Golf tournament:  Only 21 participants as of this date are signed up for the July 28th tournament.  Further discussion was tabled until Reiko could get a report from the program manager.

b. Gala: A Tree Ring “yearbook” is planned that will contain pictures and other information about the year’s celebrations, and that advertising opportunities would be available for businesses and individuals.  Order forms were passed out.

c. Parade:  Building of the floats is underway.

VIII. Presidents Report

a. IB Program: $5,000 is due in September.

     b. Appointment of Committees

         - Marketing/Promotions – Chair: TBD

- By-Laws – Chairs: Brian Russell, Silvia Guzman, Maria Sabin Holonen

    c. Educational Topics 2013-2014

Motion made to have a test program by Wells Fargo Advisors to evaluate the benefit of such sessions to the Foundation.  Motion passed, with Reiko Takao voting No.


IX. Old Business

         a. Increase Membership


X. New Business

         a. Funding for IB Program

b. Fund raising events for 2014 – Pat Mark proposed limiting events to 2 or 3


Open Forum

          Milt Peddy stated that the accountant needs formal bank statements from Bridge Bank before they can proceed with the application for non-profit organization status.


Adjournment – Motion to adjourn was approved and meeting adjourned at 4:15 p.m.


Next meeting will be 6:00 p.m., September 3, 2013 at the San Jose High School Media room.




Submitted by Armidia Costello, Secretary