2013-9 August

I.  Call to order

Milt Peddy, Vice-President, called the meeting to order at 6:05 P.M.


II. Welcome and Announcement

Milt thanked everyone for coming to the meeting, and turned the floor over to Pat Mark, who formally submitted his resignation as President of the Foundation.  As President pro tem, Milt Peddy conducted the rest of the meeting.


III. Reason for Special Meeting

Milt stated that the purpose of the special meeting was to discuss with the Board the potential risk of legal and financial liability for the Foundation in connection with planned activities for the 150h celebration.


In regard to the status of the Foundation, he reported that the Foundation’s designation as a corporation has been suspended because of failure to file required tax documents. The Foundation

cannot be recognized as a non-profit organization, or be insured until the suspension is lifted. This could take up to six months. Further discussion regarding insurance will be on the Agenda for the September 3, 2013 regular Board meeting.


In regard to liability coverage for the upcoming events, Armidia Costello asked if the School could take ownership of the parade planned for September 21, 2013, thereby extending liability coverage under the District umbrella.  Staff will discuss with the principal.


In regard to upcoming events, Milt expressed his and other’s concerns about the terms of the contract with the Doubletree Hotel where the 150th Gala will be held.  He distributed three charts outlining the concerns. The chart topics were:


o        Advance Payment Requirements

o        Cancellation Penalties

o        Tickets Sold to Date*


*The treasurer, Virginia Panlasigui, reported that she had received checks for an additional 11 ticket sales


Copies of the charts are made a part of these Minutes

Milt emphasized the need for resolution of these issues, and stated he intended to contact the hotel with the goal of renegotiating the terms of the contract. 


IV. Adjournment – meeting adjourned at 7:10 p.m.









Submitted by Armidia Costello, Secretary