2014-1 August

San José High Bulldog Foundation 2014 August 5 Minutes

Board members: José da Silva    X

Helen Garza    X

Linda Lima    X

Reiko Takao    X

President: Brian Russell    X

Vice President: Barbara Peddy abs.

Secretary: Pat Nakashima X

Treasurer: Virginia Panlasigui X

Principal: Gloria Marchant X

Assistant Principal: Christina Castro X

Assistant Principal: Herb Espiritu    X

Assistant Principal: Stacey Helguera X

Guests: Dave Ashkinaz, Athletic Director    X

Nancy Alsobrook, Retired faculty    X

Marissa Martinez, PTO officer

I.    Meeting began at 6:02 p.m.  Quorum achieved

II.    Introductions:  New administrative staff, guests

III.    Minutes:  MM to approve with correction:  Linda Lima is Board Member-Jose; Virginia seconded. Approved.

IV. Treasurer’s Report - (Virginia)   

-Virginia indicated that she had to fill out forms for the district because it was the end of the fiscal year. Brian and Gloria need to sign copies for the district.

-Full treasurer's report is included in binder with minutes of meetings.

-Ending balance for this month = $4, 890.23.

-Authorized signatures (President, Secretary, Treasurer) needed for account. Officers will do so tomorrow (Wednesday, August 7).

-[*Virginia contacted BrandU and was given a quote for both embroidered and silk-screened shirts.

-Helen mentioned that Danny is meeting with city council regarding colors.

-There is apparently also an issue with the new bus stop that is planned near the school (regarding colors, specifically the red).

-Short discussion on polo shirts for Foundation members. ]

José moved; Helen seconded; treasurer's report approved.

V.    School Report - (Gloria)   

-Media center has been reconfigured to accommodate counseling services.

-The space just outside the Heritage Room will become the Career Center.

-32 or 34 Mac Airbooks will be available in media center to be checked out by students.

-A Smartboard has been brought up to media center.

-Room 21 has been updated to more current standards.

-A new tech support person has been hired. TSC - is now a classified position.

-New music teacher has been hired; he will be working at both SJHS and Burnett Middle School.

-Virginia asked about continuation of the Alumni Band.

-José asked about enrolllment; Gloria said that freshman numbers were higher than last year's.

-Gloria also mentioned that the school is looking to hire a professional videographer. She asked for leads for marketing purposes.

VI.    Dave Ashkinaz - Athletic Director   

Would like to begin a Booster Club at SJHS.

-More parent support is needed for the sports programs for school.

-Would like the club to be a 501 (c) (3) entity.

-Would like to have monthly meetings.

-He is suggesting $25 per family for attendance all home games.

José mentioned that one of the biggest stumbling blocks for athletes has been grades.

-Dave said that he would be discussing this with all the coaches.

-Gloria said that Dave has been working with the administrative team to coordinate efforts regarding the athletic programs and the students.

Herb expressed his pleasure at having an on-campus coach and athletic director.

Possible fund-raisers have been discussed by administrative team.

All athletic issues will be handled through the student body. No purchases will be made unless funds are available.

Reiko offered to send schedule of games to Bulldog Foundation’s e-mail list. Gloria invited board members to attend professional development on Friday and Monday.

VII. Old business

– By-laws approval will be tabled until next meeting.

VIII. New Business

– Foundation will be providing food for Monday, August 11 staff development day - in morning.

Nancy will bring some muffins; Virginia offered to bring strawberries. Brian will bring donuts. Linda will bring bagels. Administration will provide coffee. Gloria said that administration was appreciative of Foundation (and PTO’s) offer of food to staff during staff development days. PTO will be providing food on Friday, August 8.


Agenda for next meeting (only item mentioned was by-laws approval)

X.  Comments, concerns, questions

XI.  Due to length of discussion during items V and VI, motion to adjourn by Brian, Virginia seconded.

Meeting adjourned at 7:15 p.m.

Submitted by: Pat Nakashima, Secretary