2014-2 September

September 2, 2014



Board Members: José da Silva, Helen Garza, Linda Lima, Patricia Nakashima (Secretary), Virginia Panlasigui (Treasurer),Barbara Peddy (Vice President), Brian Russell (President), Reiko Takao

Members: Nancy Alsobrook, Danny Garza

Administrative staff: Gloria Marchand (Principal), Christina Castro (Asst. Principal), Herb Espiritu (Asst. Principal), Stacey Helguera (Asst. Principal)

Quorum: YES

I. Meeting called to order by President Brian at 6:04 p.m.

II. Agenda changes - none

III. Minutes – José moved; Barbara seconded. Minutes approved.

IV. Treasurer’s report – Virginia

Treasurer’s report (hardcopy) was handed out to board members and others in attendance. Ending balance - $4,736.24. Treasurer’s report is included in the binder of minutes. Reiko moved, Barbara seconded – approval of report.

V. School Report – Gloria

*“Think Tank” program to help students with homework (one and a half hours, T, W, Th – teachers Mr. Valladares and Mr. Espiritu) is now in place. Other programs to help students are being implemented, such as the credit recovery program, Cal SOAP.

*EDI (Explicit Direct Instruction) – SJHS is now in second year of this program. There will be visitors from Pioneer HS to assess how well program is doing.

*Sept. 12 – curriculum and instruction staff from district office are visiting.

*School site council is being started up.

*Principal’s coffee – Gloria wants to start instituting this on a regular basis.

*Gloria also gave more information regarding e-waste collection and flea market (see below).

*Big Bone Game – this year SJHS is host team; Big Bone Dance will be held at Lincoln HS. Game is still on Thanksgiving Day at SJ City College.

*Old library reference books are being “weeded out” as they are no longer relevant for student use. School is looking for donations and/or books; a list of books recommended by teachers is available from Gloria.

VI. Old Business

*Foundation bylaws review. Reiko brought up questions about Articles V (Membership) and VI (Directors), Section 2 – Numbers of Directors. After much discussion, the following changes were proposed:

       Article V – add to the end of last sentence: “and shall be due at the first meeting of the school year.”

       Article VI, Section 2 – change the number “nineteen (19)” to “twelve “ (12) directors.

      Barbara moved, Pat seconded. Bylaws approved.

*Membership drive – Discussion about responsibility for membership and/or membership drive. Gloria suggested a brief quarterly report from Foundation which could be given to faculty to keep them apprised of Foundation activities. Christina reminded board that she, Reiko and Yolanda Guerra had met several times last year regarding membership and fundraising. Their recommendation was that both these items be decided, organized and implemented by the board as a whole – 1) it was impossible for a group of 3 to do all that was necessary for implementation and 2) everyone on the board (and membership) need to be involved in implementing programs No decision made. This item will be first on the agenda for next board meeting.

*Fundraising event(s) – tabled for next meeting

VII. New Business

*Co-sponsorship/participation with PTO (Parent Teacher Organization) for events – e-waste collection and flea market.

     Sept. 20 - Saturday – e-waste collection at school from 9 am. to 2 p.m.

     Oct. 11 Flea Market – also to be held on campus. Pat moved, Virginia seconded motion to buy a space at event for Foundation. Motion passed. Danny Garza donated $20 to pay for Foundation’s space.

     Sept. 11 – Back to School night 6 to 8 p.m. Gloria will give Foundation a “shout out” and Foundation will have a table in A Hall to encourage membership, sell Bulldog hats and other items. Linda, Virginia, Pat have indicated that they will be able to “woman” the table. Brian will also try to be in attendance.

VII. Agenda for next meeting – October 7, 6-7 p.m. Barbara Peddy will conduct meeting.



VIII. Comments, concerns, questions

Danny Garza gave an update on the VTA bus stop sign situation. The Mayor’s Gang Prevention Task Force is not willing to allow a SJHS sign due to the color “red” – even though Danny showed at a council meeting the difference between “red” and “crimson.” Cindy Chavez is supporting SJHS request for sign. Danny is asking for support (letters, attendance at next meeting – whose notice will probably be “a last-minute” one) from SJHS community – alumni, staff, parents, anyone.

VIII. Adjournment – Pat moved, Virginia seconded. Meeting adjourned at 7:32 p.m.

Submitted by: Pat Nakashima, Secretary