2014-3 October

San José High Bulldog Foundation

2014 September 23  Minutes

Note: October mtg. held on Sept. 23 re: quorum could not be met on regularly scheduled Oct. date



Board members: Helen Garza, Reiko Takao, President Brian Russell, Vice President Barbara Peddy, Secretary Patricia Nakashima, Treasurer, Virginia Panlasigui

Members: Nancy Alsobrook, Danny Garza, Bill Kleidon

Administrators: Asst. Principals Christina Castro and Stacey Helguera

Quorum:  YES

Guests: Anjali Mehta, PTO President

I.                     Call to order – President Brian Russell  - 5:15 began meeting but there was no quorum at that time. With arrival of Barbara Peddy, quorum was achieved at 5:28 p.m. Brian called meeting to order at 5:31 p.m.

II.                 Agenda changes - moved Membership (VI Old business) up as first item

III.                Approval of September 9 Minutes - Virginia indicated an error in the ending balance recorded in minutes. The extra       digit (5) was removed. MMS - Reiko, Helen. Approved

IV.                Treasurer’s Report - Virginia  Handed out  hard-copy of the treasurer’s report. The report is included with minutes of each meeting. Ending balance is $5,331.55.  Pat moved, Barbara seconded - Treasurer’s report approved.

V.                 School Report - Christina & Stacey

*updates on College Week, Talent Show, next home football game) and upcoming testing

Opstat program to improve achievement - SJHS will focus on 9th and 10th grade algebra and geometry.

College and career tech has been hired. New Spanish teacher hired; biology teacher still needed. Administrators and other faculty have “stepped up” to teach classes where vacancies exist.

VI.                Old business

Back to School night - Christina gave brief summary of event in school report.

E-waste collection - no report

Membership *(this item moved to top of agenda under Old Business)

Concern about the small number of members. Discussion about getting faculty to become members. Current brochure does not indicate the dollar amount that Foundation has given to the school. Anjali suggested that Foundation needs to be present at a faculty meeting so that faculty knows what Foundation is/does.

Reiko suggested providing food for another faculty gathering. Christina and Stacey gave date/time for next faculty meeting - October 27 at 2:45 p.m. Pat said she would come to this meeting.

Bold Knight - Pat contacted the Bold Knight but has not received a response from them. Discussion about “target audience” - not only faculty but also certificated staff. Suggestion to do a “reception” type of event on Thursday, November 6. Raffle/door prizes might be an additional enticement for people to join. Pat asked that the board give an amount to spend at this event. Barbara moved to allot $300 (maximum). Virginia seconded. Discussion. Motion approved. Virginia offered to donate a raffle prize; Pat will also have a basket for the event.

Suggestion to limit number? The downstairs banquet room will accommodate up to 100 people. If more wish to attend, there is room in the restaurant area upstairs.

VTA Transit Stop update – Danny Garza (meeting to be held later this evening)

 PTO Flea Market 

VII.              New Business

           Reiko requested use of the Foundation tax ID number to buy the software for a web design class to “spiffy up” the Foundation                     website.

VIII.         Agenda for next meeting - November 4. Barbara Peddy will chair meeting as Brian will be absent.

IX.            Comments, concerns, questions

X.             Adjournment:  Barbara moved, Helen seconded. Meeting adjourned at 6:11 p.m.


  Submitted by Pat Nakashima, Secretary