2014-4 November

Foundation Board members present: Pat Nakashima, Secretary; Virginia Panlasigui, Treasurer

Board members present: José da Silva, Linda Lima, Reiko Takao

Foundation Members present: Anjali Mehta, Marissa Martinez

Administrative staff present: Herb Espiritu


Quorum:  __x___

Guests:  Dave Ashkinaz,  SJHS Athletic Director

*Anjali Mehta and Marissa Martinez joined Foundation as paid members at this meeting.

I.           Call to order – Jose da Silva  (Brian is out of the country)  6:10 meeting called to order by Jose. 

II.         Agenda additions - none

III.       Minutes   - Virginia indicated that the correct amount  for ending balance should be : $4, 857.96. Virginia moved, Reiko seconded. Minutes approved as corrected.                                    

IV.        Treasurer’s Report – Virginia   Hard-copies were handed out to board members.  Virginia reported on revenues and expenditures. Final balance:  $5,363.36.  Anjali asked Virginia to send copies to her for PTO.  Virginia also updated us on the work that Merv Roberts is doing for us to get our tax-free status completed.  Virginia gave a copy of the “certificate of amendment of articles of incorporation” that Merv had sent to Virginia.  These copies will be included in binder. Reiko moved, Linda seconded. Treasurer’s report approved.

V.          School Report  - Herb Espiritu   All teaching positions are now filled; only 1 long-term substitute for math (medical)

            CAHSEE exams coming up

               First music concert

               First year for most of admin team to  have Little Bone and Big Bone activities

               Little Bone game is Nov. 20; Big Bone game is Thanksgiving Day at SJ City College.

VI.        Old business

A.     Membership drive – this is thrust of fundraiser (following)

B.     Fundraising event(s) – Happy Hour event  at Bold Knight  - Thursday, Nov. 6 from 4 to 6 p.m.

C.     Oct. 11 Flea Market  -  Linda reported that it was a great success. Kent Goodman, Kathy Fitzpatrick, Reiko, Linda, and Virginia were in attendance. The Alumni Band played. PTO is planning to do a Flea Market again in the spring. 

VII.      New Business

A.  Future fundraiser(s) – Discussion of when to have another fund-raiser.  Suggestion to have a fund-raiser in spring; weather is less of a problem.  Virginia went over some of the suggestions from previous meetings:  SJ History – period play; luau; Gordon Biersch beer tasting; pancake breakfast; international food faire; event co-sponsored with PTO; community event (informational booths, watermelon  eating contest)

                Gordon Biersch beer tasting – end of March/beginning of April (April 13-17 is spring break; April 5 is Easter).  Friday,  April 24 is our first choice.                 Reiko has been in contact with brewery. She will follow-up and report at future meeting.

 B.  Discussion of Guidelines for Allocation of Funds – do we need to keep all the selection priorities? Scholarships for individual students?  Reiko advocated for this.

 Moved by Pat, Virginia seconded  that the last 3 items of priorities be removed from list. Approved.

Jose asked Reiko to prepare a proposal for next meeting (regarding scholarships).

VIII.    Agenda for next meeting

A.     Fundraiser

B.     Membership 

IX.        Comments, concerns, questions 

X.          Adjournment –Reiko moved; Pat seconded. Meeting adjourned at 7:18 p.m.


Submitted by Pat Nakashima, Secretary