2014-5 December

San José High Bulldog Foundation

2014 December 2 Minutes


Board members: José da Silva, Linda Lima, Reiko Takao, President Brian Russell, Vice President Barbara Peddy, Secretary Pat Nakashima, Treasurer Virginia Panlasigui

Foundation members: Milt Peddy, Marissa Martinez, Anjali Mehta

Administration: Asst. Principal Christina Castro

Quorum: Yes

 I.     Call to order – Brian called meeting to order at 6:02 p.m.

II.      Agenda additions - None

III.   Minutes –  Linda asked that Nancy Alsobrook’s name be added to those who attended Flea Market in October.  Pat added Nancy’s name to November minutes. Motion to approve by Virginia; seconded by Barbara.  Approved.

IV.      Treasurer’s Report – Virginia handed out hard-copy of the treasurer’s report and explained that the charge for use of the square seemed to have moved to a higher percentage – she changed the amount to $23.97 on the report. Comments about whether or not this is what happened. Virginia will call to get clarification. Under checks not yet debited:  $25 is required of all 501 (C) (3) entities must pay.  Check register balance shows:  $5,475.27.  Reiko moved, Linda seconded – treasurer’s report passed.

Brian brought up the concern of  members paying for Foundation functions; he would like reimbursement for these items.  Jose moved to reimburse Virginia $450 for her purchase of the 150th tee shirts; Barbara seconded. Motion passed.

Virginia then explained that Merv called to tell Virginia that the scanned copies of signatures (Brian and Pat’s) are not acceptable (to state). Brian and Pat signed another document that Virginia will send to Merv. The IRS has already approved  our  tax-exempt status.      

V.  School Report – Christina 

VI.         Old business

              A.  Membership drive  -  Pat  reported that 8 people joined  at the Bold Knight event; 1 member joined through Facebook.

              B.  Fundraising event(s) – Reiko (Gordon Biersch beer tasting)  Reiko had a printout from the brewery. Lots of information for possible event. Reiko also included information for outside catering possibilities. April 24 – Friday is what was suggested at previous meeting. Anjali asked if there was a deposit required.  Questions about  liability insurance, cancellation policy. Reiko will get information and send to members through e-mail.

              *Discussion about whether or not San Jose High Alumni Association has an EIN.  Christina will ask Gloria to see if district has given permission to group for use of the name.

              C.  Discussion on  Foundation scholarship  - tabled; not enough time

 VII.  New Business

A.     New fundraiser(s) – Anjali, Marissa – would like to do a joint fund-raiser  with Foundation because PTO doesn’t have the bandwidth to do a  large-scale fund-raiser.  Tabled. 

 VIII.  Agenda for next meeting

A.     Gordon Biersch information

B.     New fundraiser

Comments, concerns, questions

Adjournment – Motion to adjourn by Jose ; seconded by Virginia. Passed. Meeting adjourned at 7:48 p.m.


Submitted by Pat Nakashima, Secretary