2015-1 January


Board members: Reiko Takao, President Brian Russell, Vice President Barbara Peddy, Secretary Pat Nakashima, Treasurer Virginia Panlasigui

Member: Anjali Mehta

Administration: Stacey Helguera

Quorum: Yes (5 members present at beginning of meeting

 I.      Call to order – Brian called meeting to order at 6:05 p.m.

II.                  II.     Agenda additions -  Kiva Uhuru, student representative for Model U.N.

III.               III.     Minutes – Moved by Barbara; seconded by Reiko. Minutes approved.

IV.                            Presentation by Kiva Uhuru – Kiva gave a brief description of what the Model U.N. is/does.

She is requesting $500 for registration to the conference which will be taking place at the end of     January. Discussion: Virginia moved to allot $400 to the Model U.N. (the amount approved last year).

Reiko suggested the amount be changed to $500. She moved to change that amount to $500; Virginia seconded. Approved. 

V.               IV.    Treasurer’s Report – Virginia

A.     Fee for square – charge was higher because we had to manually enter the information

B.     Virginia handed out hard copy of the treasurer’s report; the report is included in the binder with meeting minutes. Bank balance = $4,965.27.  Check register balance = $5,005.27.  Motion to approve budget by Barbara, Reiko seconded. Approved.

C. Update on tax exempt status -  no report at this time 

VI.             V.     School Report – Stacey Helguera

Recruitment this month – Parent night next week; shadowing and visits on campus are scheduled for  incoming 8th graders.  Stacey is working on a Facebook page. It has not yet been launched.  The district insists on their platform being used. Teachers who worked on the website for the school have found that it is too time-consuming for the stipend that is being offered. The position is currently open.

Sports – basketball, soccer, and wrestling seasons have begun.  Anjali mentioned that the Boosters’ Club is planning to do an event to recognize those students who have participated in fall sports. The club is also planning to do more events to recognize outstanding athletes and scholars. 

VII.         VI.    Old business

              A.  Membership drive -  nothing new

              B.  Fundraising event(s) – Reiko (Gordon Biersch beer tasting) Reiko reported on visit to brewery.

Deposit required for April event.  Discussion: what kind of food to serve with beer; possibility of  karaoke.  Possibility of buying tickets on-line? Pat moved to budget the $850 for the deposit; seconded by Barbara. Approved with one negative vote. Virginia will write out check and Brian will fill out the contract and deliver to Gordon Biersch. Reiko made up a flyer and tickets for the event.

Suggestion to indicate that a percentage of the proceeds will be used for scholarships.

              C.  Discussion on  Foundation scholarship –  Reiko handed out a version of the form for request for funds. Brian suggested that maybe the requests should be considered by the entire board rather than just the executive committee.  Pat suggested that the Executive Committee do the initial filtering to make sure that criteria are being met; then the requests that have met the requirements would be presented to the entire board for consideration/approval.

VIII.         VII.  New Business

A.     New fundraiser(s)  - Anjali and Pat are looking at a golf tournament for sometime in either August or September. This would be a joint event by Boosters’ Club and Foundation. They will discuss and bring recommendations to next meeting.

B.     Credit card for Foundation - tabled

Agenda for next meeting

A.     Scholarships and grants

B.     Fund-raisers updates

1.     tickets for Gordon Biersch event

2.     update on brewery event

3.     Possible golf tournament


X.                            Comments, concerns, questions



XI.                          Adjournment – Virginia moved; Reiko seconded. Meeting adjourned at 7:33 p.m.


Submitted by Pat Nakashima, Secretary