2015-2 February

San José High Bulldog Foundation

2015 February 3 Minutes


Board members: José daSilva, Helen Garza, Linda Lima, Reiko Takao, President Brian Russell, Vice President Barbara Peddy, Secretary Pat Nakashima, Treasurer Virginia Panlasigui

Foundation members: Marissa Martinez, Anjali Mehta

Administration: Principal Gloria Marchant

Guest: Onofre Ramirez

Quorum: Yes

I.          Call to order – Brian called meeting to order at 6:04 p.m.

II.       I      II.          Agenda additions

III.              III.        Minutes – Jose moved; Barbara seconded.  Approved.

IV.              IV.       Treasurer’s Report – Virginia   As usual, Virginia had hard copy of the Treasurer’s Report. A copy is always included in binder with board meeting minutes. Balance  = $3,675.27. Virginia also reported that she had to “renew” our account with PayPal because we hadn’t used it for a year. Balance is $244.89.

Update on 501(c) (3) – another form needs to be sent in. Merv Roberts is taking care of CT – 1 form for us.

Motion to approve by Jose; Linda seconded. Treasurer’s report approved.

V.         School Report  - Gloria offered to show the video that is on Facebook. Since the meeting was running longer than expected, Gloria told Board that the video can be accessed via the District’s website.

VI.              VI.     Old business

              A.  Fundraising event(s) – Reiko (Gordon Biersch beer tasting)   Reiko handed out tickets to all Board members and Foundation members.  A letter is being sent to those members not in attendance to explain the event. Virginia asked Pat Sweeney to do an auction at the event.  Reiko asked board to get donations for auction, drawings.  For next meeting Board is asked to update sales.  Reiko asked Gloria about liability for event. Gloria said that Foundation should ask someone at the District Office  regarding policy – Florence Eng is the person who would deal with this. Reiko will follow up on this. Discussion on ordering cocktail tables – will continue conversation at next meeting.

              B.  Discussion on  Foundation scholarship  -  Reiko handed out hardcopy of the descriptions for teacher grants and student scholarship.  Student does not need to be an IB student.  Foundation can set up criteria.  Discussion about how many scholarships and the amount of scholarship – Pat moved; Helen seconded - decision:  one $500 scholarship. Application due by March 31.  Discussion of criteria.  Set up a form with a checklist for student to fill out.  Answer questions about what goals, plans are. 

Suggested criteria: 

Pat will work on form to send to board members via e-mail; vote by e-mail.

VII.     New Business

A.     New fundraiser(s) – Anjali  reported on information received from Los Lagos Golf Course.

Cost - $68/person (green fees, etc.)  We would charge $105 per golfer.  Lunch $21.

If Foundation commits to getting 40 golfers and Boosters can do the same.

Hole sponsors ($200 minimum), silent auction  would also bring in additional funds. No shotgun start on Saturday. Friday shot gun would be possible.

Dates:  August 1, 15, 29, Sept. 5, Sept. 19  * September 19 seems to be preferred date.

 “Hall of Fame” (Dave) would like to honor past athletes (10 years or longer).  Discussion.  Tickets for this event could be sold separately from the golf event for those interested

Flyer ready for Beer Bash

B.     Credit card for Foundation - tabled 

VII.           VIII.   Agenda for next meeting

A.     Update on Brewery Bash

B.     Golf Tournament update

C. Credit Card

D.     Foundation Scholarship

VIII.                     Comments, concerns, questions

IX.                          Adjournment  Motion by  Virginia, seconded  by  Jose. Approved. Meeting adjourned at 7:43 p.m.


Submitted by Pat Nakashima, Secretary