2015-3 March

San José High Bulldog Foundation

2015 March 3 Minutes


Board Members: José daSilva, Linda Lima, President Brian Russell, Secretary Pat Nakashima, Treasurer Virginia Panlasigui

Foundation Members: Nancy Alsobrook, Bill Kleidon, Marissa Martinez

Administration: Asst. Principal Herb Espiritu

Quorum: Yes

 I.     Call to order – Brian    Called meeting to order at 6:03 p.m.

II.                II.     Agenda additions

III.              III.     Minutes – Jose moved; Virginia seconded; minutes approved for February 2015 meeting.

IV.             IV.     Treasurer’s Report – Virginia

Letter received from state said we are registered as charitable entity; however we still need to fulfill some other requirements (fees not paid in previous years). Merv Roberts is working on this.

Ending balance of Foundation checking account = $3, 845.27. 

Pay Pal account  also shown on hardcopy report from Virginia.  Hardcopy is always included with minutes in binder.

Pat moved; Jose seconded. Treasurer’s report approved.

V.               V.       School Report – Herb Espiritu

              March Madness

              State testing, college applications

              SBAC = Smarter Balanced Assessment for California (does not count this year)

              Spring sports – golf team started this year (co-ed this year)

              Assessments because of Common Core – math and English have criteria in place; other areas still do not.

              Tuesday, March 10 – Spring Concert with special guests – the Alumni Band

VI.              VI.       Old business

A.     Fundraising event(s) – (Gordon Biersch beer tasting)  Brian reported.

New person in charge of events at Gordon Biersch – Alyssa Ginanni

Pending: second half of payment, cocktail tables. Brian will contact Alyssa to see if we can wait until beginning of April to make a decision about cocktail tables..

No firm numbers as yet as to how many tickets have been sold.  Based on print-out prepared by Reiko, Anjali said that it looked as though there were fewer than 40 tickets still available.

B.     Discussion on  Foundation scholarship  -  Pat had sent out a copy of  scholarship information and application to officers. Draft copies were available for other board members to look at. Information will be sent to Alfonso Duenas – cc to Herb Espiritu

Senior Awards Night is May 28th.

Jose moved; Virginia seconded  motion to approve scholarship application information sheet and the application form. Motion passed.

C.  Golf tournament with Boosters Club  - Anjali

Fee for playing course = $125; separate lunch fee = $35

$100 – bronze; $200 – silver; $350 – gold; $500 – platinum

Design for tournament has been selected.

Google doc has been set up so everyone can see who has been asked for donations.

Pat indicated that perhaps someone in Lions Club who has connection with SJHS can see about getting banners made.

VII.            VII.      New Business

A.     Credit card for Foundation  - Discussion.  Brian will go to The Bank of the West  (meet with Virginia) to see about getting a credit card for Foundation. Report at next meeting.

VIII.                     Agenda for next meeting

A.     Update on Beer Bash

B.     Report from Model UN – Kiva Uhuru (Anjali will contact her to get written report if she cannot be here.

IX.                          Comments, concerns, questions

X.                            Adjournment -  Jose moved; Pat seconded. Meeting adjourned at 7:01 p.m.


Submitted by Pat Nakashima, Secretary